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I will never ever ever again give Khol's a cent of my money. They are the worse, most shady department store in the world.

Not only do they jack their prices up so they can mark them down again to make you feel like you are getting a sale but they steal money from you, literally. I returned pants I bought last night to them today and they told me they could only put it on a gift card bc I didn't have my receipt with me. Okay, why not. I wanted a pair of shoes they have that I can justify the cost of as long as I get this money back.

So, she then tells me she can only give me the lowest sale price on the pants. Okay, thats fine, I got them on sale. I just want my 30 bucks back. Thats it.

She then proceeds to put the money on a gift card and says she is giving me 16 plus tax. So a total of 18 dollars. WTF! Seriously?!

I paid 30 plus tax for them on sale and you are only giving me half of that???

And to boot, its on a gift card that I am now going to be forced to spend in their store! So, Khol's you can go do that F word thing to yourself because I am done with you and your horrible business practices for good!

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $14. The author is overall dissatisfied with Kohls. The most disappointing about kohls gift card from Kohls was employees, management and return policy Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Did you make your purchase with a credit or debit card? Kohls can look up your transaction and give you back exactly what you paid.

But if you paid with cash and don't have a receipt, how would they possibly know what you paid for it? That's why they just default to the lowest sale price from the last 13 weeks in those situations.

It's actually a very generous policy and a HUGE courtesy to you. You should thank them!


Yes it's true and some stores don't even give your money back period without a receipt. Be proud that kohls can at least give you something back!


Learn. to.

keep. your. receipt!!! The return policy is made very clear in not only the stores, but also their website.

Any return made without a receipt will be refunded at the lowest sale price that item has been over the past 13 weeks. You sound like some little kid who just had their candy taken away from them.

Glad to hear you're done with Kohl's. That means no more listening to your temper tantrums!


I had my receipt and paid with my Kohls card and still was ripped off 28.00 on three shirt return. Kohls is a joke they are so over priced...

they have a necklace like the one I purchased at Walmart for 20.00 and Kohls wants 60.00 on sale. I wont be back!!!!!

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #983162

With you I can understand the frustration. However the three year old that posted this review lost her receipt and does not want to face the consequences of her actions.

Orange, California, United States #983142

They are not stealing from you. You did not have your receipt, you were careless and lost it so you get a gift card since they have no proof of payment.

Next time you think that there is a possibility that you will be returning something give your receipt to a parent for safekeeping. If you lose your receipt you only get the lowest sale price. Every store has this police. Target, Kmart, Walmart.

Why not ask a parent about this policy before making a fool of yourself and calling them thieves for something that is your fault. How do I know you are a child, because you lost the receipt and refuse to take any responsibility for your carelessness. Adults lose things as well, but they don't blame others and take responsibility for their carelessness.

Also your last paragraph shows you are a child. You have a lot of growing up to do if you actually are an adult which by your behavior I doubt.

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