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I have never written a review before but with the shocking customer phone service I've had twice in two days I had to write. Yesterday called to place an order because I had a expired kohls charge and coupons were ending so I had to use them.

A foreign male was trying to place an order, first couldn't understand him,second I told him about my expired kohls at the very beginning of phone call then 46 mins later he said oh you have an expired kohls charge, I told him yes that's what I told you 46 mins ago and you said no problem!! I asked to speak with supervisor a couple of times because he kept telling me all my items I wanted to order was out of stock!! He did not let me speak with supervisor. I called back next morning and another foreign man answered and it sounded like he answered in his sleep!!

Could not understand anything then I polietly told him I'm sorry I dont understand you is there someone else there and then he started to talk better I called about my 30% off and I put my kohls charge in computer on a new order and placed order and it didn't take my 30% off and it put the order on my MasterCard I told him all that and half an hour later he said oh you didn't get the 30% off because of something I already told him!!!! It feels like these guys take there time toooo much. I don't know about kohls right know what's going on!!! I don't ever want to order again on line and that's to bad because it was $500.00 on my last two orders but there's no way I'm going through that again.

P.S. I never got my 30% off

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of kohls online order. Kohls needs to issue a partial refund according to poster's claims.

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So if you had an expired Kohl's charge and knew you had an expired card, why didn't you call the credit center and explain to them about your card being expired already? Instead you wasted your time and the online customer service's time!

And the reason why you didn't get your 30% off is because you have to use a Kohl's charge. And why would you ask to speak to a supervisor if the rep told you the items you wanted were out of stock?

You think a supervisor is going to wave a magic wand and make the items appear for you? Your complaint makes no sense and it certainly makes no sense that you didn't deal with the credit center first to advise them of your expired Kohl's charge.

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