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The workers in the depts were nice & helpful as usual. However, while waiting at checkout, we watched an employee being rude and condescending to other employees AND customers. It was Christmas, so of course there were huge crowds and long lines.The cashiers were going as fast as they could. This dragon lady,(which several of us customers came to call her), was verbally abusive to them for not being faster. ***, she could've jumped on a register/bagged clothes and been helpful instead of repeatedly telling them they were too slow & *** at employees that they need to get "these customers outta here!" FYI: "these customers" could hear you! "These customers" pay your salary! Without "these customers" the store would belly up!

It was obvious, to everyone, that she was stressing them out AND killing our holiday shopping spirit with her sour comments and scowling face.

Pretty much every one had a coupon to use which was obviously *** her off because it slowed down the lines or maybe she just didn't like us getting discounts. Either way she was commenting out loud about shoppers & cashiers.Rude! Rude! Rude! We would've thrown our stuff down & walked out if what we were buying weren't gifts that we didn't want to re-shop for.

We asked who the hateful crone was & to our surprise the dragon lady is the store manager! I got her name.Sherry Chessack! AND she has no business anywhere near the paying public let alone be a supervisor/manager of any sorts. She has zero people skills & obviously no management training. We actually heard her say to another employee that she "couldn't wait for Christmas to be over so she could get rid of most all this useless staff". What the *** dragon lady???? Kohls should get rid of its useless manager instead!

Kohls, you are going to take a loss at this store with this manager.

Even the ladies behind us were commenting about her "*** attitude and the bug that crawled up dragon lady's (Sherry's) ***"

I have worked in retail for years. Worked with many good and bad managers, and Chessack, being the later, is the type that kills employee morale and pushes customers out the door. Good luck to you employees & your bottom line with her running the store.

We don't shop at any business in which employees get yelled at for doing their best and customers get hatefully glared at while spending our hard earned money. You are very unwelcoming Sherry Chessack!

AND, another part of her crappy attitude towards us, was the huffing and eye rolling she did as she turned her back to us when my sister couldn't find her Kohls charge card. Guess we won't be needing that card any more! Congrats Sherry Chessack you have lost loyal Kohls customers! SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOR BY STORE MANAGER SHERRY CHESSACK!!!!!! BYE KOHLS

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Kohls. The most disappointing about kohls checkout from Kohls was sherry chessackwas hateful mgr , but reviewer liked only the cashiers and dept workers were kind. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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The management in this store is unfriendly. Which is sad because I used to enjoy shopping there. I have no reason to buy there because I can shop in other stores where the employees and managers smile and say hello.


I stopped at this Kohls store all the time. I'm positive that Dragon Lady Sherry has to be the same person my husband and I heard telling a young lady that she's replaceable along with everyone else in the store and she had better hurry it up.When she realized we were looking at her she turned away from us and said something we couldn't hear to the girl and walked off.

The look on that girls face was heart breaking. She turned red and her eyes teared up as she tried not to cry in front of us and another customer. My husband is a supervisor and was shocked to hear an employee being spoke to like that. Especially on the sales floor and in front of others.

First off that conversation should have been done in private. Secondly she was mean and discouraging and way out of line to that employee. No one should ever be told that they are disposable! She completely embarrassed that girl and for no reason!

The girl had stopped what she was working on when we asked her to help me find a purse I had seen there the previous week. My husband and I immediately consoled the girl along with another customer. My husband was going to speak his piece to the woman. But the young lady asked him not to and said its okay because she really needed her job and may get fired if he said anything to her.

I asked where the manager is and she told us that lady is the main manager. Reluctantly we didn't say anything out of respect to that girl's situation. But we have never forgotten that horrible incident and prayed for the young lady to find a better job and employer that values their staff. I have always wanted to call corporate and complain but haven't only because I didn't want any backlash taken out on that girl.

This happened in November of 2015. So who ever the main female manager during that time was is who's to blame for us no longer returning to the Murfreesboro Kohls.

I'm scared my husband might see that manager and give her some unkind words and wind up in jail. Sad situation for the employees under this manager.


There are certain departments at Kohls who get paid hourly plus commissions. I know that because I worked there just a few years ago.

I think the manager was Shane? at the time. He was a good guy to work for. I left there just as this Sherry was taking over.

And I agree that she was not friendly or approachable. I get the writers point that as consumers we do pay the employees salaries.

If you don't have customers buying then Kohls is not making money to run its operations or pay anyone's salary. No consumers = No one gets paid or has a job.


Employees don't work on commission. Whether or not you buy something, they're going to get paid. So no, you don't pay her salary.

to Anonymous #1090202

Customers do pay her salary. No customers buying then no money to profit from in order to pay her or any employees. It's called simple economics.

to Anonymous #1090467

You are wrong. Some areas like cosmetics get commission.

I also disagree with your comment about who pays the employees salary. In the end it is the customers who pay the employees of Kohls and any other business that thrives upon sales revenue. If it were not for customers spending their money in the store there would be no need to have employees. That fact is obvious at Christmas time when the stores hire extra employees/ Temps to work that time of the year in order to handle all the extra sales that they are expecting.

When the holidays are over these employees/Temps are let go. Which goes to show that with out enough paying customers the store has no need for for non essential employees. The money received from paying customers is used to pay overhead and salaries. These sales also generate paychecks for people who work at the companies home offices and on up the chain.

Money left over if any is then considered profit for the owners. I dumbed this down as simple as I could for you. So yes that Kohls manger's salary is paid by customers. Since this manager has caused customers to no longer buy from her store she has lost profits for the company.

Too many options for people to buy the same items at the same price rather than shop at Kohls and deal with rude managers and see employees being disrespected. Bonuses are also given based upon sales goals. Why?

Well that's another lesson for you to figure out on your own. Good luck with that lol

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