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So I decide to make one purchase this black friday and thanks to kohls system and lousy customer service my account sits at a healthy -45 dollars over the last 4 days.

How? I place the order and the billing addresses dont match so the order gets rejected. So far so good. I try 3 more times with the same transaction number, no order harm done! well,,,try again!!! I have 4 charges on my account for the full amount of purchase!!!

So okay! you would think its a mistake and can easily be corrected. You call in and talk to the crappiest customer service ever who keep giving you the *** about it is a norm that the bank puts a hold even for cancelled orders and that its not Kohls fault. So I politely explain to them that this is not a cancelled order...its a rejected order, i.e. there is no order number. They cant provide an order number either! But they cant return the charges. B.S. So here we are...sitting like a duck for 4 days now, with the bank claiming that they are legit charges since they havent been reversed by Kohls and Kohls putting the burden on the bank.

To top it off, Kohls CS does not have the courtesy to understand that its bad web programming on their part. Deeply regret using Kohl if this is how you play with your customers money!!!

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It is not the fault of Kohls that your billing address doesn't match. I imagine that would be your fault.


You obviously haven't read your banks policies have you. EVERYTIME you attempt a transaction with a debit card, whether your transaction is completed, cancelled or rejected your bank puts what is known as a "PENDING CHARGE" or "PREAUTHORIZATION CHARGE" on your bank account.

Your bank puts this hold on your account because they have no way of knowing whether the transaction has completed or not. It takes them several days for their payment processor to update that the transaction was rejected. Banks will holds those funds anywhere from 2-10 days depending on their policy before your bank releases them. This is policy with everytime you use a debit card.

Where as if you had used a credit card, if the trasnaction is rejected the amount immediately drops off. It does so because with a credit card the amount is tied to credit, where as with a debit card the payment is tied to the physical amount of money tied to a bank account. So Kohls is correct in saying the charges are held by your bank and not by them. Next time read your banks debit card policies because this is clearly listed in every policy and you can't receive a debit card without read their policies, agreeing to by signing them.

Furthermore when entering your billing information online for a debit card it must much exactly as how your bank has your billing address listed in their system.

If you enter your address with ANY variances from what your bank has on file the transaction will not go through.

Just google Pending Charges or Preauthorization Charges for further information.

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