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I would first like to grab your attention by informing you that I have never experienced worse customer service in my entire life than I have from your corporation: Kohl’s. For a company whose slogan is, "Expect Great things", I am highly unsatisfied and vexed by the fact that neither "Great Things", nor great treatment, were given to me from your corporation.

Last night I took a dear friend of mine to Kohl’s© to surprise her and let her choose a swing for her soon-to-be born son, Jackson. It is a very sad situation, that reason being that not only has the father stepped out of the picture, but also she has no permanent home, no stable income, and is a full-time student with hopes of being a teacher. I plan to go above and beyond in making this experience for her what it truly deserves to be: A blessing, and like what your slogan seems to stand for; I want her to expect great things.

With that being said, although online it portrays that there are swings for babies in store, there certainly were not at the one we went to. I only stumbled upon some boxes piled on the floor (Need I say they were directly on the floor – no floor display shelf below) that were only to lay a baby down on to play with toys. I was okay with that, though. I knew that purchasing online was still an option.

So today during my lunch hour at work I browsed for swings. I spent the whole hour researching swings that had the best ratings, were the most popular, etcetera. I found a swing, which I thought was perfect, which was: The Playful Pinwheels Full Size Swing™ from Bright Starts™. It was priced at $98.99, and I then realized that there was a promo code through Sunday that offered 20 percent off of $100, so I added a baby bodysuit for $8.40 to bring me at a total of: $113.83, with taxes included. I then proceeded to add the promo code: DARLING to receive my 20 percent off, and it was not working. The other promo code for 15 percent off, which was: BELOVED, did work. So to solve my confusion I chose to call your customer service at: (855) 564-5748.

There was a slight language barrier with the first woman I spoke with, but she seemed to understand what I was saying. She first told me that the promo could not be used because of the date, but I assured her it started today and she confirmed that I was correct. She informed me that what I could do was make the purchase while on the phone with her, and she would then add my discount. When I attempted to simply check out with no promo codes or anything, I received some sort of error code with the contents in my cart.

She then stated that it was okay and that she would complete the checkout on her side. She took my information: My email address, my name, and my telephone number. When she asked for my address I told her that I actually have an account with Kohl’s©, and that I also have a charge card as well, to spare her some time from having to type all of the information which should already be in the system. She then asked me for my charge card number, and I told her. At first she said that the number was incorrect, so I read her the four-digit number I saw online ( next to me name, which was: ***3, and she said, "Ah, yes. That is it."

She told me my total would be $93 and some change (I do not remember the change amount), and I told her that was fine. She said the order will be processed and that I would receive a confirmation and a receipt in my email. This conversation took over 40 minutes, but I still took part in the survey and gave her all 5’s for her politeness.

Two hours passed and I had still not received an email, so I chose to call a second time. Again, there was a slight language barrier. I explained that my email had not arrived, and another woman took me again through all of the steps that the last woman took me through. She then proceeded to tell me that there was never an order placed, and that the items in my cart were still there. I thought that was rather strange. She then began to re-process it for me. She then stated that the promo code: DARLING, could not be used with baby items, so my total would be $113.83.

I was a little taken back, and I advised her that I would really appreciate the price that I thought I had already paid for, which was $93 and some change, and then she put me on hold. She came back saying that still; she could not give me the discount that I had already thought I had received. She seemingly tried to argue with me saying that I did not give the first lady my address, so therefore I knew it was not going to work. Either she was calling me a liar, or she wishes I would have told the lady prior that I did not believe her when she told me it was processing. I told her again that I have an account with Kohl’s©, and I have a charge card, both of which list my address. I am confused on what it so confusing about this situation. I again told her that I was not okay with that price and that I wanted to pay the price I had already chosen to pay, and she put me on hold again, which quickly lead to an end of call survey, and hung-up. I had been on the phone with her for 48 minutes, and she hung up on me with no solution. Again, I did the survey, this time giving all 1’s.

So, I call back for a third time. This time a man answers, and I immediately just tell him that I would like to speak to a supervisor. He asks for my information, so I give it, again, for the third time. He then says he is going to transfer me to a supervisor. I am on hold for a few minutes, and another man answers in a very angry and emotionally driven tone, "What is the problem, Frank?" That takes me back, and I just say, "Um… Hello?" He immediately apologizes in a sweet tone; very different form the way he began the conversation, and says he thought he was still connected with the gentlemen, who I am assuming, transferred my call.

I would like to remind you of a very important word, which holds a lot of weight in all societies; that word being: Ethics. If you do not understand what ethics means, please let me help you understand. As Nickels, McHugh, & McHugh (2013) said, Ethics can be defined as "Standards of moral behavior, that is, behavior accepted by society as right versus wrong." Please read below, as it pertains to this situation. Also, please recognize what I drawn attention to by bolding and underlining the font for you.

Ethics is caught more than it is taught. That is, people learn their standards and values from observing what others do, not from hearing what they say. This is as true in business as it is at home. Organizational ethics begins at the top, and the leadership and example of strong managers can help instill corporate values in employees. The majority of CEOs surveyed recently attributed unethical employee conduct to leadership’s failure to establish ethical standards and culture. Trust and cooperation between workers and managers must be based on fairness, honesty, openness, and moral integrity. The same applies to relationships among businesses and between nations. A business should be managed ethically for many reasons: to maintain a good reputation; to keep existing customers and attract new ones; to avoid lawsuits; to reduce employee turnover; to avoid government intervention in the form of new laws and regulations controlling business activities; to please customers, employees, and society; and simply to do the right thing.Some managers think ethics is a personal matter—either individuals have ethical principles or they don’t. These managers feel that they are not responsible for an individual’s misdeeds and that ethics has nothing to do with management. But a growing number of people think ethics has everything to do with management. Individuals do not usually act alone; they need the implied, if not the direct, cooperation of others to behave unethically in a corporation. (Nickels, McHugh & McHugh, 2013).

Now I have a little advice for you, Kohl’s©. For one: The supervisor who answered my call that way made a fool of himself by speaking to me with that harsh, condescending tone. For two: I do not care if that rudeness was meant for someone else, no one should speak to their employees that way under any circumstances. It is unethical, and it is cruel. It does not matter if he is the supervisor, or the president of the company, or the president of the United States; do not treat the people who help your business, organization, or nation function as if they are steerage. At the end of the day we are all the same; flesh and beating hearts, rude supervisor-man who ended up being no help anyways. If you cannot manage your job title without throwing a hissy fit, then get a different job.

So, now I return back to my conversation with the unethical, rude supervisor. I explain to him what has occurred, and how he is now the fourth person on the third call that I have spoken to. He seems to be very concerned, and says, "Oh, no", when I mention that I was hung-up on. He ensures me that the calls are recorded and hints at the fact that the person who gave me the discount will be reprimanded in some way. I tell him I do not care about how he will manage her (Why is that my business anyway?). I explain that all I am worried about is paying the price I was told.

He then reiterates exactly what everyone else, besides the polite first lady who I gave all 5’s to in the survey (Good job, lady. I hope you had a great day) was saying. That no, baby items are not included on the 20 percent off. Thinking back, I now wish I would have asked why baby items work for the 15 percent off if they cannot be discounted at all under any circumstances, but there is no way in the world I am calling back and spending all night on the telephone.

I express to him that the situation is ridiculous. That not only have I spent over three hours speaking to all of these people, but also he is not going to let me pay what I was told, by a Kohl’s© employee, was the price of the two items I wanted. He said there was nothing he could do. I then asked if there were anyone higher than him, and he hesitantly said yes (I am sure in his mind there is no higher than him – Mr. Pompous), and put me on hold.

Onto Kohl’s© representative number five: Another woman, who I believe to also be a supervisor. To make this shorter for you: I expressed all of my same issues, gave all my same information, etcetera. By the lack of surprise she tells me the exact same thing. That baby items cannot, and will not, under any circumstance, be discounted. At this point I am infuriated. Three hours on the phone and no one seems to understand how incredibly ignorant they are being towards this whole situation.

To her, I express how I have been around customer service for years in every capacity. With that, I know what businesses need to succeed: Customers. That being, because customers equal money, and money runs businesses, obviously. Yet these individuals are in no way giving the customer (me), who has been extremely patient with them, the price that she (I) was already told was paid for and processing. I expressed to her that if a customer were to walk in any retail or even grocery store and try to purchase an item marked with a price and that price read incorrect, that the customer should always be given the price to which the items were portrayed to be. Not in this case though: These baby items are simply just made of solid gold, and cannot be discounted.

She then asks for my charge card number and I give it to her. She then states that the reason my card is not working is because my card number is wrong, and that my first two purchases were declined, and then puts me on hold. First of all, I know now that my card number is wrong because I can see the last four digits of it on my online account, which is why the first woman I spoke to said, "Ah, yes. That is it." When I read her those numbers. Secondly, that contradicts everything that was said prior. They said the first purchase did not exist, and the second woman hung up on me so I guess she did it without my consent, who knows?

She comes back and asks if I reported my card stolen or lost. I explain to her that when I first got a charge card it never arrived (Shocking, right?) So recently, I ordered another card after being advised by someone on Kohl’s© telephone customer service that I had to do it in store. I went in the store, and they said it would take 7 to 10 business days. Guess what? The card did not arrive. So I called again and told them it had been way over 10 days, and then they ordered another card (Card number 3), which I got in the mail. I called the number on the card, and activated it. Now, she is telling me that card has been closed, and I need to order another one, but that she can process my order, and take care of the situation.

I am relieved. Finally, someone is doing something. She starts telling me how many days my items will take to arrive, and I ask her what he price will be. No discount. I am sure at this point my voice grew a little harsher. I told her the only reason I was even speaking to her was because I was not going to pay that price, and the fact that she was about to process it knowing that I did not want to pay it irks me. She then advised me that baby items cannot be discounted. Really? Can they not be? No one has said that, thank you for telling me, kind lady.

I tell her that I have never, and express over and over again that I do not mean to be offensive, but that I have never in my life experienced worse customer service. I told her that she knows if she were in my shoes she would be just as pissed as I was, and she agreed that she would be. She said that she was going to add that if I bought the items, I would get a 30% coupon for my troubles, but made sure to carve it in stone that it would not go towards any baby items. Yes, please give me 10 percent off for each hour of my time you took. No, absolutely not. I do not want your 30 percent off, or anything you have to offer me, unless it is what I originally agreed to pay for.

Now whoever is reading this, I would like you to know that you need to change a few things about your webpage: It reads:

Online, we've taken our commitment to convenience even further, and you'll find there's more to like at with every click of your mouse. We not only offer the best merchandise at the best prices, but we're always working to make your shopping experience enjoyable. (Kohl’s Illinois, Inc., 2015).

That was one of the most un-enjoyable shopping experiences that I have ever taken part of. No, I must reiterate, that was by far the most un-enjoyable shopping experience I have ever experienced. 3 hours on the phone with 5 people to solve nothing is not convenient. Getting yelled at by an uninformed supervisor is not preferred. Being told you bought an item and it was processing, and then that it was not processing or ever made, and then that your third card in your possession is non-existent, nor can you pay the amount that your items were in the first place, that is unacceptable, ridiculous, unprofessional, unethical, poor. Not even worthy of a 1 out of 5.

Never again, Kohl’s©.

Thank you for reading,

Bobbie Cole

P.S. This may be a better approach for you:


Kohl’s Illinois, Inc. (2015). Kohl’s© Investor Relations. Investor relations home. Retrieved from:

Nickels, W., McHugh, J., & McHugh, S. (2013). Understanding Business, 10e. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service of kohls coupon from Kohls. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $113 and wants Kohls to "the company to learn how to treat customers".

The most disappointing in user's experience was online ordering, management, unreasonable staff and employees and management. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

Also, this reviewer considered the following companies: Pier 1 Imports, Target, Amazon or Ikea. We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Kohls for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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This is really long because I did not feel like shortening the letter that I physically sent to Kohl's. If it's too long for you to read, don't read it.

I understand now that the item was not able to be discounted, I get that. Although, the 15 percent discount did in fact work for the item. My issue here is, I was told I paid for the item (with an included 20 percent off) and that a confirmation was being sent to my email by a Kohl's associate.

Then they turned around and said it never occurred, then they turned around and said my card was declined, then they turned around and said my card is not even registered.

It was a mess, and horrible customer service on their part.


Kohl's could not give you the discount on that particular item because it is a "prestige" product. This means that the company that vendors to Kohl's does not want coupons applied to their product, such as Nike, FitBit, and Xbox.

It says "some coupons may not apply" right on the product page. The only coupons that apply to these types of items is Kohl's Cash because it works as a store credit.

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