I can not believe a store manager or supervisor speaks and acts so rude. Her name is Rose.

She claims that she is the store manager in Burlington in MA. I have one advice to you. You get paid to work in Kohl's. You have your job descriptions.

Whether you can help customers or not, at least you need to value your customer and respect each customer you served. You know what. You do not own Kohl's . And I don't have to go to Burlington to shop in Kohl's.

Actually I don't have to shop in Kohl's. Kohl's in Burlington in MA is the store I will never go back to.

Review about: Kohls Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Managers atitude.

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What kind of complaint is this??? You need to provide more details on what it was that happened and how exactly this so-called Manager named "Rose" was rude and provided poor customer service.

Quit being vague and provide details. Otherwise, no one will take you seriously.


This is a vague complaint.

I just see a bunch of general information, but No specifics.

Exactly how was the manager rude?

Exactly how did the manager act that would be considered rude?

Exactly how did the manager act in a way that Is Not respectful of the customer.

Exactly how did the manager Not value the customer? Exactly what is the manager's attitude like? Exactly what is the poor about the customer service?



Nothing in your post describes the poor customer service you got, the managers attitude nor how the manager acts in a rude manner.

You make some very good points, but you do not describe anything that is stated in the first sentence of this reply to back up these points.

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