I sent a gift card from Kohl's to my niece for her birthday. Unfortunately, it was the wrong email address and Kohl's told me there was nothing they can do about it.

My $20.00 is just out there to no such email address and I am out the money! All I wanted to do was cancel the order to the wrong email address and resend it to the right email address.

I talked to a rep and also the manager and they will not change it for me. I am really upset about theie policy and will not shop at Kohl's in the future!

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Frisco, Texas, United States #1336277

I realize this post was years ago but this issue is still happening. My wife emailed a gift card to my mother and had the wrong email address.

Khol's said there is nothing they can do. I find it hard to believe that there is nothing they can do. I have ran an online store for years and have no problems with issuing or cancelling a gift card. The store makes money whether people use the gift card or not.

They make even more money if the gift card is never used. So why help? That's their take on the matter.

As far as the thing to do- Contact your bank or credit card and file a case against the charge amount for the gift card. You will get the money back, it just may take a little time.


from what I have read on pissed consumer I would not expect them to do anything. expensive lesson I guess you could not expect great things from Kohls.

But you could expect employees to come on pissed consumer. I guess they know Kohls is terrible

San Antonio, Texas, United States #549289

No so u put the wrong email address and its kohls fault and they have to fix it? well what u just said its soo untrue because even when the dumb customer makes the mistake they will still fix it by sending a physical card instead. so BULL ***


YOU sent it to the wrong E-MAIL ADDRESS.SO that make's this your fault.Suck it up and NEXT time you want to send something,BESURE you have the correct E-MAIL ADDRESS.


Who sent it to the wrong email address? Did you submit the wrong e-mail address or did they?

Seems like an honest mistake. If they put it in wrong, they should correct the problem. If you put it in wrong seems like you should just suck it up as you screwed up and lost $20.

Mistakes are always made, why threaten not to shop somewhere forever because of one little thing. I could see if it were $500 but come on, get over yourself,lol!

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