February 2013 my husband bought me a pair of silver hoop diamond earrings from Kohls depatment store. The tiny diamonds lay on the outside of the hoop as well as the back inside, they were very nice.

Price listed on the box $250.00 he paid $100. The box also was labeled Diamond Earrings. I needed to get the clasp repaired as one continued to fall out. I took them to a local jeweler for the repair, as she then told me that there was one diamond in the whole earring, the rest looked like acrylic she let me look through her eye glass what a difference.

I was do mad, she says this is not uncommon & has seen this happen many times. I returned them to Kohls where the manager was very kind and the jewelry person tested the other stones which did not register as diamonds. They had no problem returning my money and said they would talk to someone to find out why this had happened, and I asked if someone would follow up with me. Two weeks later I get a call from a someone to call.

When I returned his call he did not identify himself when he answered I had to ask him. He apologized for my troubles and told me that the process for these earrings is that there is 1 diamond in each and the others are diamond dust, which allows the consumer to afford diamonds at a reasonable cost. I replied that the box should say this and not that they are diamonds because they aren't...he repeated the same lines, I will no be shopping at Kohls again, in my opinion that's fraudulent advertising...

Jeweler says don't buy your diamonds from a dept. store!!!

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What a B! First off, who believes they're getting real diamonds for only $100?

Stuupiid people, that's who.

Second, omg, you got your money back and customer service and a personal phone call. What a cnt.

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The box was labeled "Diamond Fascination" undoubtedly, not "Diamond Earrings." All the value of your purchase is tied up in the 14K gold, not the fake diamonds or even the real one. Get a clue.


Did you really expect to have diamond earrings for $250.00? If you want Tiffany diamonds then go to Tiffany's.

Stop complaining. Find something more constructive to do with your time.


Wow, this is pretty unbelievable. A store goes out of their way to be nice to you, get your money back, and follow up with a phone call later on.

But you still won't shop there again? I can't even imagine how you treat people when you actually do get bad customer service.

Shame on you! Don't be so spoiled and rotten!


Totally agree with Sara. They not only apologized and refunded your money, but they went out of their way to try and offer an explanation.

You should know when it's that kind of price the diamonds aren't real. That's the reason we have jewelry stores.


They apologized, refunded your money, followed up with an explanation and you STILL aren't going to shop there?

Their advertising was legal. Plus, did you really think all those stones, if they were diamonds, would only cost 100 dollars?!?

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