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I've officially had it with them and now going to JCP for similar stuff - I suggest y'all do the same. I'm tired of getting a bill in the mail thats literally due in a week. I'm not dropping everything to appease their financial needs!

Their latest trick is a just too much. As I mentioned above, I've been making my purchases on their card (to get discounts, Kohls cash etc), then going over to the CSR area and making an immediate payment for the same about - Saves me the headaches of the phone calls/emails that start the FIRST DAY its late. So this one time I made a purchase and was in a hurry so I went home and paid online. I use BofA and have had no problems in prior payments to Kohls and have them set up on my e-bills.

So I get a letter stating a $25 returned check fee AND they put my 18.23 puchase back on the bill. I checked with BofA, no bounced check. I call Kohls and they refuse to remove the fee and the charge. I have them tell me the account number of the check and its NOT EVEN MINE! So they "open an inquiry" and still refuse to remove.

I get a email to call them (no reason given-I was hoping they realized their error. 3 different operators kept putting me on hold (after verifying each an every time my social, phone, address, etc.). Finally the 4 one senses my anger (really?) and says he's removed the late fee if I pay the amount. SInce I don't trust them to file a nasty to the credit bureaus, I paid it i in cash and saved the receipt. I will NEVER walk through their doors again. I'm betting the CSR lied about the removal - I'll let you know.

Review about: Kohls Account.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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Please go to jcpenney. You are the customers we hate to have in Kohl's.

Take better control of your checkbook. And, get a life!


Learn to monitor your own bills and review your statement online instead of expecting the Pony Express (a.k.a. USPS) to deliver your bills in a timely fashion.

Don't blame Kohl's for this type of irresponsible behavior. Also, if there is any kind of charge or payment you are disputing you are still responsible for that charge during the investigation process.

Go ahead and go get ripped off at JCP. Kohl's will still survive without you.

Mamaroneck, New York, United States #671446

It shouldn't even get to "a day late". Monitor your own bills and when they are due, pay your bills on time and you won't have an issue.

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