Provided answers in response to a request from your store to fill out a survey form,did so in complete several times,but never received promised compensation ($500 gift card)would like Kohls to step up and honor the agreement made with me,this opportunity was provided to me when as a shopper in your store I purchased several items for my son for back to school...it would go a long way in showing that Kohls truly cares about their reputation,and takes responsibility for what is done under their name,I feel as though I have been cheated,and at this time of the year...good will goes a long way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kohls Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Location: Ashburn, Virginia

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They are still doing this even with the bad press. I live near a kohls but because of continued scams ...

don't shop there much.

Too bad because I like the offerings there and I could walk there we are so close. :*(


Kohl sucks and they lie about the $500 gift cards all they die is promote unwanted spam and aggravating telemarketers . Just know this makes you look horrible .

I’m now no longer a customer .

You should take further action to bring the scammers to justice . I was in a legit sight and some how kohl’s busted in


The scam offering a $500 Kohl's gift card is still going around in 2018. Now it tries to masquerade as "Kohl's Rewards," and says, "CONGRATS!

Your E-mail Address has won Special Rewrad [yes, Reward is spelled 'Rewrad,' in the Kohl's Online Promotion." A misspelled word can be a clue that a message is a scam. Urgency to respond in a day or two can also indicate a scam. This says "Subject: ' , !!" On the first screen under "Program Details" one line says "DATES: 1/17/16 currently available." So the perpetrator hasn't changed this date since January 2016 but sent the email in April 2018 and warns that one must claim the reward by April 18. The "From" line indicates it was sent from me to me: "JMCARLSON" " and the email address is weird, not a legitimate Kohl's email address.

NOTE: That is my name, which was leaked when a social media site had a security breach in 2017. It ended up on the Dark Web, and many creeps have been using my name to make it look like spam or scam messages were sent by me. Such email did NOT come from me!

About the real Kohl's stores: I've always had good experiences at the Kohl's in my city. Customer service may not be the same in all stores, but I'm happy with my store and have been for 20 years.


I suspected their offer was a scam and I am glad that I checked here to read your posting before participating. What a shame! I 'll not shop at Kohl's.


Jack McCool44@***.com done the Kohl's sign-in did not receive gift card for $500 but completed their form


Har de har har har!!


These messages like online surveys are nothing but a scam to either try to cheat you out of money, or fork out personal info. While you might get something in return, chances are better you'll end up paying FAR more in one way or another than you'll ever get.

The only one I ever messed with was a ridiculous Toys R Us one. On top of taking forever to complete, you have to sign up for rotten programs like credit cards, and other worthless, potentially costly companies you'll be sorry you got mixed up with in order to have any chance to see even see a cent of the money they say is yours for doing it.

I happened to see all the BS programs mandatory to enroll in and knew it wasn't worth what I'd be getting mixed up with. NOTHING'S FOR FREE, especially for spending time filling out worthless surveys.


The Kolhs surveys only enter you in a drawing for gift cards...you misunderstood...there's no need to be rude people.. 8)


Hey are you absolutely certain that Kohl's contacted you? I don't believe they did.

Some other person or company contacted you and mentioned a Kohl's gift card. Next time, pay attention to what you are being told; because your life will be less confusing.


Holy *** are you ***


I'm still laughing hysterically over this complaint! You honestly think just by taking some random survey you're going to be compensated $500??? Let the dumbing down of America continue.


have you never filled out an entry form? we pay an awful lot of money in this country to people who do much less than what I did in filling out this survey.....keep laughing


You ***. You only get entered into a drawing to win a $500 gift card.

Read the fine print.

You honestly believed that you were going to receive a gift card of that amount just for filling out a simple survey?!?! Come on man!


Learn the difference between a contest entry and "compensation". Hilarious!


In no way would Kohl's offer a $500 gift card just for taking the survey. Occasionally Kohl's might offer some type of promotional incentive where your name is placed in a drawing for one lucky winner. It sounds like you went to some type of scam site or fraudulent site.


Sounds like you have been scammed!!

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