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When i walked into the store, the first stop was to the customer service counter to tell them that I needed to make an exchange. The lady who waited on me scanned my item (never asking if I had a receipt) and told me that my item was on sale now and had the value of $12.00.

I searched the entire store for the exact item (a Hoodie) and they did not have it. I even asked two different sales clerks to point me in the right direction in my search but alas they did not have it anywhere. I found another hoodie that was more expensive, but I was willing to pay the difference. When I got into the check out line, Because it was not an even exchange they told me I had to go to the cusomer service station again.

After waiting in line again...A male salesclerk waited on me and said "Well because you don't have the receipt you will only get $6.28 credit toward the other purchase."

I told him that I already had it scanned when I came in and the other girl told me $12.00.

He said "Well I donl't know what she told you but your only going to get $6.28 without a receipt" I was doing a favor for my crippled mother (It was her hoodie and it came with a gift receipt that she couldn't readily find) I called the original purchaser of the item and she has the original receipt but Kohl's sucks and I would rather donate the Item to Goodwill than ever shop there again. Remember this comes from the Company who has signs about "Returning Items with no hassles for any reason"

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Never shop in KOHLS again. Steaing customers money.


Report this to the FTC.GOV. They are steeling money from customers daily over this thing they call KOHLS CASH they deduct it from every return. look at SLICK DEALS FORUMS


That is a total lie. I wonder if Kohl's can sue you for defamation for knowingly making false statements.

"Slick Deals Forum" is simply a website for customer complaints. You may want to get your facts straight before publishing lies all over the internet.

Kohl's Cash is only taken back when a return falls below the 50 dollar limit needed to earn it.

to delia #592563

wow WHO is confused. I know that SLICKDEALS HAS A FORM that KOHLS has a thread on that discussed all kinds of KOHLS ISSUES. Some people post sale information but it is more POLICY, PROBLEMS ISSUES. Thanks for the threat tho!!

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Your argument is moot! The associate who initially scanned the hoodie you were bringing back simply did a price check to let you know how you could do an even exchange since you didn't have a receipt.

However, since you selected another hoodie that was a different price, the second associate had to do the one you were bringing back as a return and the one you were getting as a purchase. Kohl's policy clearly states that if you return an item without a receipt you will get the lowest price that item has been over the past 13 weeks. Therefore, the hoodie you were bringing back was $6.28 at one point during that 13-week timeframe.

"Hassle free returns" simply means there is no time limit on returns and no need to explain why you are returning it. It doesn't mean toss your receipt!

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