Saturday afternoon I went to Kohl's. At checkout, lines were long, everyone was in a hurry.

The cashier's gave each customer individual attention, which was great, however much of the conversation turned into conversation best suited for another time (when there is not a line of people waiting to check out). People in the line both in front and in back of me were exasperated. i.e. "Did you know if you spent a few more dollars you would be eligible for another ten dollars in Kohl's cash?

How much more would I have to spend? Just a couple more dollars. You could by a candy bar." The customer looks at the candy bars. "Oh, I don't really want a candy bar......What else could I buy?......" and on and on about a variety of subjects.

The manager was standing there closely monitoring her employees and seemed to be pleased that everyone's time was being wasted. Afterwards I approached the manager. I was polite, and stated my case.

She smiled and did not listen to a word I said.

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I used to work for Kohl's and we were TRAINED to interact one on one with the customer. If you don't like that, then leave!


You either need to spend more time enjoying life or spend more time getting a life! Like another reply said, I'm sure you would be the kind of person who would raise h#ll if the cashier didn't give you individualized attention.

If you're seriously that bent out of shape over cashiers being nice, giving personalized service, and conversing with the customers, then you need to go live off in the woods somewhere.

In other words, you're complaint sounds childish and ridiculous! Do you need some crayons to play with?

Chesapeake, Virginia, United States #829182

Would you rather be treated horribly or wait in line and be treated great? Because if you shop at Kohls you need patience they can be short staffed or just busy so wait your turn

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #818195

You appear to be the same type of person that would get angry if you weren't alerted that all you needed was a candy bar to get more Kohl's cash. It's not the associates fault if the customer decides to take a while to check out. You really need a hobby if you needed to actually alert a manager of this.


The difference between the other customers waiting in line and you is that they can be mature and wait in line patiently. Next time bring a coloring book to occupy the time.

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