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so I have been to kohl's twice in the last 2 weeks and that was the only times ever shopping at this store. I had to return both items I bought today.

I bought a coffee maker and it had previously been returned but I didn't know that when I bought it until I got it home and found several things missing along with water still in the darn thing, next I returned was a nice dress shirt I had bought because there was a hole on the bottom right hand side. the young lady exchanged my coffee maker and was trying to locate another shirt that matched the one I had so she could scan it. (I did not have the receipt for the shirt) the mgr. walked up and noticed the hole in the shirt and rudely stated she could not take it back like this and shoved it back in the bag.

I took it back out and told her I had bought it like that not but a week or so ago, she proceeds to tell me that she had a friend that purchased the same shirt last year and that there was no was I bought it a week ago. she also told me that with there being a whole on the side that I could have stolen it last year for all she knows. I bought that shirt on March the 20th (longer than a week ago I know but at the moment I wasn't thinking clearly). if she would have said she couldn't take it with out a receipt I would have understood and went on my way but the way she treated me was uncalled for.

there were several other employees that were standing there watching in awe of her speaking to me in the most disrespectful way, on my way out the door one of the workers stopped me and told me her name, Audrey. Audrey is the mgr. at the kohl's on teas nursery rd. in Conroe TX.

she may have been just having a bad day or something but regardless she shouldn't have talked to me or treated me that way. sincerely, an extremely pissed customer

Monetary Loss: $38.

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Richmond, Virginia, United States #683393

I have no idea why the manager would make such a fuss over the issue. I will say that, as a Customer Service employee for Kohl's, I've been trained to look for signs that the merchandise being returned is stolen. One of those signs is a hole in the garment on either the bottom left or right-hand side, because that is the designated area for placing magnetic security tags on shirts.

I'm not saying that you stole the shirt; it's entirely possible that a shoplifter tried to remove the tag, damaged the garment in the process, and decided to leave it on the shelf rather than attempt to abscond with it. In that case, you unknowingly purchased a damaged item, and it was wrong of them not to return it for you. However, the manager would've had no way of verifying that the shirt had been paid for without a receipt (or, if you paid using a credit card, the card you used to make the purchase.)

I agree that the manager could've handled things better, and there's no excuse for making you feel uncomfortable or for her to question your integrity. I just wanted to provide a possible explanation of his/her motive for refusing the return.

Dallas, Texas, United States #667977

Hey TheKohlsExtraordinaire

I notice you don't have any comment to this one...

Can't find a way to lay this at this customer's feet?


You should read other postings related to yours. This seems to be a problem in many cases due to poor customer service. I too stopped being a Kohl's customer

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