I consider myself to have been a good Kohl's customer.I no longer shop there as much as I had, because of the scam with the Kohl's Cash.

I refuse to use the cash anymore because if for some reason you have to return an item, that cash is taken away from you. You not able to get Kohl's cash back. Even though you have already earned it. If you don't spend the cash, you still get it taken away from you.

So who looses? The consumer does, not Kohl's.

Kohl's Cash is a ploy to get customers to shot at their store.Beware!!!!!

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Schaumburg, Illinois, United States #1343194

Had the same problem..no longer shopping there! The return was from when kohls cash was earned and when I spent it I also spent a lot more money, so kohls isn't losing anything except my future business!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #697658

We'll you are right about one thing there's a scam involved the one your trying to create you see kohls cash is a COUPON that you earn for every fifty dollars you spend and the problem with people like you is that u were so used to overspending and then returning your junk because you would get to keep kohls cash it has no cas value.So they changed the policy becausw of people like you.

Why would they let you keep something if you return your items and truly didn't spend enough to earn it after the return or take it off the return if you spent it read the back of the coupon I dare yoi its pretty simple to understand .Well for honest people I guess :(


I cannot believe you think you are entitled to receive free kohl's cash.If you return your purchase you lose the kc.

It is a reward for spending money, not for returning merchandise.The policy had to be changed because of scamming, thieving customers who learned how to play the system.


People like you make me fear for the future of humanity. Do you realize what you're saying? You're saying that you want Kohl's to give you a free gift for nothing! Kohl's Cash is not a legal tender, it's a coupon. And to earn it, you must buy merchandise in the store. For every $50 you spend, you get Kohl's Cash. But if you return an item or items that take you below one of those $50 levels, then it's like you never earned the Kohl's Cash to begin with.

If a woman walked into Kohl's and demanded someone activate some Kohl's Cash for her without actually buying anything, it would be the same as what you seem to be expecting. Absolutely ridiculous!

Leesburg, Florida, United States #663037

When are some of you customers going to learn that when you use a COUPON/REWARD/STORE CASH that you DO NOT get that back when you return something.You get back what you actually paid.

For example say your total came to $21.30 and you have a $10 off coupon well your total becomes $10.65 (depending on tax rate in your county). So you will pay $10.65 out of your own pocket. Therefore, when you return you get $10.65 back because that is what you paid. You do not get $21.30.

Coupons, rewards, store cash, whatever you want to call it is not real cash lol.

Can't believe some people can't do simple math.I don't know why this is so hard to understand.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #662979

Another angry customer because the store didn't fall for their scam.

To earn the cash, you must spend $50.If you return something, you did not spend $50 so you did not earn the cash.

The cash is a dollar off coupon, it is not money.YOu do not get it back if you return the item, no store gives you back your coupons if you return an item


I'm sure Kohl's doesn't miss your business since you can't seem to grasp the concept of how Kohl's Cash works. :roll How about you focus on your spelling while you're at it.


God, you're ***. If you use a coupon, then try to return what you bought with the coupon, you don't get the *** coupon back. I fear for the future of humanity because of people like you.


The Kohl's Cash coupon becomes invalid if you go below a 50 dollar increment.Which makes sense because you would not have earned it if you hadn't spent 50 dollars.

If the KC has already been spent, and you return from the earning receipt, 10 dollars is deducted from your return. You are not losing anything.

The return amount plus the free 10 merchandise equals your original return amount.If you haven't used the KC, the coupon just goes away.

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