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Update by user Dec 03, 2017

Ok I agree that it is toooooooo long but I felt the intro was important and the balance was just to much info. The bottom line is IF I was stealing I should have been arrested.

I was not, although there seems to be a couple annonymous commenters convinced other wise. For the two *** bags that took a 10 minute break from their video gaming session and sacrificed there “ smoke a bowl” time to log into and comment I appreciate you’re accusations but most importantly I wanted to make sure that others if put in the same situation dont be discouraged by cheif little dic and Sally sand in *** to report and you’re experiences regardless of what others may say because the fact is the CEO of Kohl’s did read this and I’m not surprised because if you did your homework Cheif and Sally you would know that he has a very personalable reputation and frequently corresponds to consumers “the life blood” of any quality brick and mortar retail store. But that would have required your video gaming bowl smoking life style to be put on hold much longer....

I know I know not gonna happen. Plus being in your late 30ties you know better than to be late for dinner and medication reminder when mama calls.

Original review posted by user Nov 20, 2017

( the below email was sent to the CEO of Kohl’s exactly one week ago) I have not had a response as of yet but i sure hope i get a resolution or i will be posting this with my Attorney. Dear Mr.

CEO I want to first congratulate you on your retirement next year 2018 which I discovered in researching how to contact you. That is a big deal and I wanted to take a moment to bring recognition to that because I understand the commitment, sacrifice and hard work it has taken to get you there. I’m in my early forties and have a ways to go but yet look forward as the years pass. The reason I am contacting you is much less pleasant but I want to assure you it doesn’t change the fact that myself my wife and our four children love shopping at Kohls and have for as long as I can remember.

This past weekend I was shopping at the Temecula CA Kohls location an had an experience that I have never have had before and never imagined ever would. I was approached by the head of Loss Prevention and I believe his name was Kevin but I’m not confident because he refused to show me any identification and would not provide me with an employee number or his last name. Now so you know I am a 6” 2” 200lb white male dressed in casual clothes on a Sunday afternoon. I have been shopping in Kohls for probably about 90 minutes, I was not shopping for myself but for my wife and two of my four children getting them shoes, some jewelry for a party my wife is hosting and a nightgown that she asked me to buy as well.

About 20 minutes before I was approached by Kevin @ Mr. loss prevention I had spent a considerable amount of time let’s say an hour picking out sets of jewelry for this party. I realized I had left my Kohls cash in my car so I decided to park the shopping cart inside towards the back of the store near the bedding where I thought it would be OK for 10 minutes while I go to the front doors to my car to get my Kohls cash. Upon returning I cannot find my cart anywhere I speak to (2) employee associates and two managers asking if there’s a place where maybe my cart was taken to be retrieved another time.

I was told by two of the four I spoke to, to check with customer service which I did and the cart was not there. I was a little disappointed but figured I would gather the same jewelry and nightgown again no biggie. Then phone rings the call was my wife she asked me to take pictures of three different shoes she saw online and send them to her. At this point I was approached and asked by the shoe department associate if I needed help which I did he then got two pairs of shoes my wife size size 9 and I had taken pictures and sent them to my wife I was searching for the third pair for my son which I could not find it turns out they were in the clearance section without a box on a shelf and by this time I had two pairs of shoes in my hands for my wife And third pair for my son which did not have a box I was also buying a backpack for my youngest son in third grade which I had in my hand and put his Nike shoes inside the backpack, did I have reservations about doing that yes however I had already lost my cart I was a little flustered.

Considering the 90 minutes Spent in selecting the jewelry for the party at our house I was on both of my knees searching for size 9 in women’s department when Kevin Mr. loss prevention taps on my shoulder and says hey what is this and was holding up a shoe box I said excuse me. I then noticed two police officers on each side of me which I quickly put two and two together and realized they think I was stealing this pair shoes. I was instantly struck almost paralyzed with shock and all I thought was am I on candid this real.?

Kevin then aggressively grabbed the bag out of my hand demanding I stand up questioning what was in the bag and rudely demanding I come with him to his office as I attempted to speak he quickly and aggressively cut me off and said he’s not interested in hearing any excuses. Again I was shocked upset and beside myself. I attempted to explain and again he aggressively cut me off at this moment I started to think he was angry And this was not a joke. I had over $200 in cash on me and 4 credit cards and $40 in Kohls cash.

Currently I make about $250K + a year as a manager and please see the attached business card but was not afforded 60 seconds to express or explain and treated as a convicted criminal to the point where they officers had to intervene and explain to me that they have nothing to do with the situation and confirm that I am not in trouble with the law or with them but dealing with the loss prevention with Kohls. Within three or four minutes the officers decided there’s no need for them to be there and they left which I believe was because of almost embarrassment for with Kevin and wanting to relieve me of any concern as a result of them being present. Kevin continued to badger me talking down to me not giving me a moment to explain or express my position or reasoning but demanding I confess pointing continuously to the cameras and the TV monitors threatening me with charges claiming his proof is more than enough. He then calls to other employees over to stand and watch me while he walks away for a few minutes somewhere when he comes back he starts taking pictures of my ID and then explains to me I am no longer welcome at Kohl’s and I will sign a document which I have attached to this email that states I am not welcome at Kohl’s and I will not enter his store again.

I explained to Kevin that I had spent thousands of dollars this year between school clothes for my kids and business attire for myself but he one more time cut me off I didn’t I didn’t realize this man was not going to allow me to speak and hand made his mind up, he then explained to me I was going to leave and never come back to Kohls I was so humiliated and embarrassed feeling almost guilty at that point as he escorted me out following me like a criminal to never return the calls again as I’m typing this email the same feelings are coming up of shame even though I was not stealing nor did I leave or try to leave the store with any merchandise but because I was not allowed to speak and then condemned and advised never to return to Kohls I left. I will provide you all of my info where if you choose to look it up you’ll see many of the purchases that I made or my wife has made this year hundreds of dollars probably thousands as Kohls has always been our go to but as a result of this experience we are no longer welcome at Kohl’s so I’m writing you for two reasons one to inform you of this incident which I have moved on and I’m over but two also ask you if possible can you intervene and get us access to kohls again. Thank you for your time and consideration please see exhibit A my business card and exhibit B The form I signed for Kevin and the other Mr.

loss prevention. Best regards,

Review about: Kohls Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Kohl's Loss Prevention are plain clothes "IDIOTS" who think they are important and above the law .... I'd sue the bastards and teach them a lesson ...


No CEO couldn't care less about the book you wrote. Your e-mail contains several things irrelevant to your complaint.

What does your business card and the fact you claim to make $250,000+ a year have to do with anything? And also your height, weight, and race are all irrelevant. Even 80+ year old grandmas get caught stealing.

You're just upset that you got caught and want to play the "victim" card. Like one of the other comments stated below........stop stealing!


Let me know what they say! I am very interested.


Wow. I would go after "Kevin" with a vengeance and make sure he not only lost his job, bu was never allowed in a Kohl's again. You were calmer and nicer than I would have been.


The CEO will never see this. Stop stealing.



Do you really think or expect any CEO at any company to want to read an email this long?

Your too long of an email could be the reason why you have not received a reply.

Just include the necessary details in an email.

No need to write a novel, which this email is.

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