Placed an order for some shoes. They sent the shoes via UPS then UPS transfers to Priority Mail.

Somewhere in between they have lost my order. I have been trying for over a week to try to speak to someone at Kohls finally spoke to someone today. They can't resend the item now and will refund my money back to my kohls card but will take 7 days!!! Oh, and will give me $10 Kohls cash, really pathetic.

Plus I could hardly understand the person that I finally got to speak to because they were located in the Philippines. I have already paid off my card but waiting for 7 days they would not let me wait for 7 days!! They messed up my payment once and there was a 50 cent balance that I did not know about as I thought I paid the card off and they would not let me place an order and use my card.

Not a very happy camper and this used to be my favorite store!! Maybe thinking harder about this one!!

User's recommendation: Use someone else that cares.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Kohls Pros: Decent value, Great deals, Promotions and some products.

Kohls Cons: Online service and customer service after the face, Customer service on the phone.

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Exactly how is Kohls addressing the issue and giving you $10.00 Kohls cash terrible service? What do you expect to happen on their end?


Your Preferred solution: Full refund. You stated in your complaint that Kohls Is refunding your money back to my kohls card.

So, the 7 days part is Not what you like?

If it takes 7 days it takes 7 days. What do expect?


They're trying to fix the problem AND give you Kohl's cash... Wow are you ignorant.

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