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Yesterday while shopping in the Millville , NJ store I was very disgusted to hear constant announcements in Spanish. It is bad enough that NJ residents have to pay extremely high property taxes to pay for schools that are flooded with illegal residents that won't speak English.

The cost of bilingual teachers and printing all government pamphlets in Spanish is a burden to tax payers.

To be shopping in a store that deliberately encourages people NOT to bother to learn our language is a slap in the face. If they want to cater to Spanish speaking people maybe they should leave America where we speak ENGLISH!

Reason of review: Announcements made in Spanish.

Preferred solution: I don't want to hear announcements in Spanish..

I didn't like: Hearing announcements made in spanish.

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Hey. The United States of America, which is a free country till Trump is sworn in, has NO official language.

People are free to speak whatever language they want. There are whole communities in this country that have been here for centuries that do not speak English.

The Amish speak (a form of) German. Also, etc...

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1261719

Chupa mi ***

to Anonymous #1261859

Chupa mi verg@ señor

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1261682

Either you're gonna have to suck it up or you should stop shopping at Kohls. Very simple! Comprende!!!!

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