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You may ask yourself why the NOW HIRING sign never comes down at your local KOHLS. Let me put it this way.

THEY SUCK. No self respecting person would work there. No self respecting husband or father would allow their wife/daughter to work there. A word to thre wise.

Don't work for KOHL'S. You'd be better off at McDonalds.

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I worked there and they are fine. The only crazy part were the customers


First off, this is a complaint site for consumers. Like the previous comment stated, you make no type of argument as to why you state "don't work for Kohl's." So exactly what is your complaint about?

Did you work there and were not treated fairly? Did you work there and get terminated?

Did something happen that changed your mind about working there? No one can take your so-called complaint seriously if you have nothing to substantiate your claim.


You did not give a reason. Disgruntled associate?

So when you or wife, daughter, mother, etc. shop there, do you expect to have associated to be there? What is exactly your complaint? Should the store be completely self serve?

Maybe stock, sign it, ring the register.? If you make a statement, back it up.

to Anonymous #1577231

They should go out of business obviously

to CostlyPuma #1577854

You should get a life. You are not forced to buy items or shop at a specific place. You should be ashamed that you do not know how to make your own decisions in life.

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