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I am so incredibly disappointed with your company for taking a political side by removing Mike Lindell's Mypillow from your stores. By doing so, you are attacking out First Amendment right and supporting cancel culture.

Mypillow products are made in America . Don't you care about those employees that may lose their job during a pandemic? Are you going to replace it with a product made n China? This is a very bad move and not a good look for your company.This was a very poor decision by your CEO to show their political hand.

Khols is a store that should have remained neutral and would have continued to have a thriving business with happy customers.

Now you have upset 75 million shoppers with your narrow views. I really did like shopping at your store, but will never shop there again unless you change your partisan ways.

Kohls Cons: Cancel culture political company.

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“ Don't you care about those employees” Didn’t Majic Mike think about his employees before “playing politics?” Mike’s 1st Amendment rights are still in place. He’s still free and not in a gulag for speaking out against the government.

Which is what the 1st guarantees. It doesn’t apply to business but you know that.

Mikey(and perhaps his employees) are experiencing Consequences Culture. You’re free to speak but as an adult, you may have to face the consequences.

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