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I had placed a order for 4 mans shirts and I was having trouble with it I ask for help and know help at all spent to much time waiting and bought some other place done with khols I have know trouble with any other company placing a order and if I need help I get it right away I got my 4 shirts from amazon and know trouble at all took about 5 mi they had every thing in place no trouble placing and paying at all I can never place order with you and get it to go you need to check your system

Review about: Kohls Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $95.

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Well then you should have went to Amazon in the first place ... Wtf is it with you whiners anyways !!! You want some cheese to go with your whines !!!


Costomer? I think you meant "customer".


I think you meant "no".

Punctuation? Have you ever heard of it?


Can someone at pissedconsumer please delete and block the “anonymous” writer and its rants of rude remarks and verbal attacks on the innocent people writing their concerns on this site? Thank you.

to SeeSpotRun #1396285

We are anonymous. Shhhhhh.

to SeeSpotRun #1396297

This is a public website that invites interaction from interested participants. You should take the advice given, write a coherent complaint and contact Kohls directly.

to SeeSpotRun #1397229

Maybe actually contact Kohl's instead of whining on a third-party site that is in no way affiliated with the people you're mad at.


OMG! Can you go back to school?

No one can understand this! You need to stop complaining and move on because you can't even understand what they are telling you because your IQ is too low! How many fingers do you have?! Yeah, that's more than your IQ ain't it?

Stupid people. You are sick.


hope you dont speak as incompetently as you write


Wall of text that I cannot understand.

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