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Update by user Dec 27, 2017

Kohl's issued a full refund, no further questions asked after my last email to them. I received an email confirmation that the amount of $172.39 was being credited to my charge account.

Original review posted by user Dec 24, 2017

Purchased a Cuisanart oven online and it was supposedly delivered by UPS on 11/28/2017 at 10:19pm. I go to bed around 9:30pm so, apparently, the package was left in front of my house.

The next day I checked tracking and found that it was delivered but there was NO package in front of my house. I've been dealing with a bunch of idiots since the 29th. Now they claim I acknowledged receipt of the package and closed the investigation. Ackowledging receipt usually means I signed for it....that did not happen.

The cost of the oven was $170.00 and was suppose to be a Christmas present. It's Christmas eve and no oven or refund. I will never shop at this store again, at least not with my Kohl's charge.

If I had used my mastercard I could have disputed the charge and Kohl's would be on the hook to prove it was received. This has never happened to me while shopping a Kohl's and it will be the last time too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kohls Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $170.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Being called a liar, Saying i received a package when i did not.

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A similar situation has happened to me with Kohl’s. They provide ZERO customer support.


Dealing with exact same issue ... I ordered several different items that were sent in two shipments; shipment #1, package received, email received, no problem ...

shipment #2, email received, no package ...

disappointed!!! No resolution yet; updates pending ...


Even though I know you updated your complaint to state that Kohl's issued you a refund, did it not ever occur to you that your package may have been stolen? There are package thieves during the holidays who like to steal packages from people's homes.

Your complaint should have been directed more toward UPS and not Kohl's. In the meantime, someone is probably out there enjoying a free oven they stole from the front of your home.

to YouDontNeedToKnow #1488244

True. This is a good oven.

Thanks for dealing this for me! By contacting Kohls, this oven is better than ever!


Issue resolved. Kohl's issued a full refund today via email.


Sounds like an issue with UPS. Once it leaves the warehouse or the store it would be the responsibility of UPS to get it to your house. To be honest, they probably delivered it to the wrong house.

to Anonymous #1409473

I received a call from a UPS investigator on the 18th and I explained to her that I did not receive the package and that no neighbor would have received a package that late at night in my neighborhood. In fact one neighbor died months ago and the other in never home.

UPS said it was delivered to my address at 10:19pm. I told her the package was not in front of my door. She said she would tell Kohl's that I did not receive the package. The next communication was an email from Kohl's on Christmas eve at 7:30am stating that the package was delivered and that I confirmed delivery, which is a lie.

I sent another email to Kohl's and I haven't heard back. Kohl's seems to be hard to deal with in situations like this. I've been a Kohl's customer for several years and have never had an issue like this.

Needless to say, I won't be shopping there ever again. Thanks for your reply.

to CCottrell #1488237

They helped you the best they can, and you say you won't shop with them every again! Ha!

They should have not helped you at all! You thankless brat!

to Anonymous #1488907

You have no idea how Kohl's treated me. Yes, they did resolve the situation but only after insinuating that I was a liar.

It dragged out longer than it had to. BTW, I have purchased items from them online since this issue so you can shove your name calling up your anonymous a*s....GET A LIFE and, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

to Anonymous #1488909

Name calling has no place in this site..


Are you sure you cannot dispute the charge? I suspect all charge cards, issued by any business has to follow the rules for disputing charges. Check it out.

to h.kitchener #1409218

Thanks for the info. I wasn't sure about disputing a charge since I used Kohl's charge but I will definitely check it out. Thanks again...

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