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I always shop Kohls because of the great clothings, personnel and prices. Today, at checkout a canadian customer ahead of me had her expired 30% coupon honored per manager.

When I approached the cashier I told her that I just threw my coupon out (30%) because it expired. She replied that she would not honor it anyways because I was not from Canada. This is shocking to me since I have been a loyal customer for a long time. I will be bringing back the item I purchased especially since I had time to think about the actions of your cashier.


This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to "clerk fully trained to accept similar situations and honor my 30%". This person is overall dissatisfied with Kohls. The most disappointing about kohls cashier at Kohls was outsourced customer service Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Like the other comment stated below, why should they honor 30% off if you had no proof or brought the coupon with you? It has nothing to do with nationality.

Most likely the reason why the Canadian ahead of you was able to get their expired 30% off honored was because they actually had the coupon with them AND the fact that they are from another country, which means they likely don't cross the border that often to shop at Kohl's as much as you do. Have a little bit of common sense before you start pitching a fit with a baseless complaint.


You do realize that this is not a Kohl's website right? No one from Kohl's will see this, it's just a complaint sight.

Also, why would they honor a 30% expired discount for you when you have no proof of it? Maybe if you had brought the coupon with you it would have been a different story. I bet you didn't even have a 30%.

You're just upset that you couldn't get away with scamming the store. You have no reason to be angry.

to Anonymous #1028397

Although you may be right that no one "officially" from kohl's corporate office will reply to your complaints on here, please realize that many companies on here have overly dedicated employees on here who play "volunteer superhero". They ramble on in a rude and angry demeanor about nonsense, irrelevant subjects to try to detour the genuine complaint posted by a frustrated customer.

Unfortunately typically they have the nerve to blame the customer who's posting the frustrated situation typically without any solid proof but just find it easier to name call and insult customers on here since they can do it face to face at the stores. For Kohl's they employees such as "the kohl's extraordinary", "I am right", and "kohl's princess" who again take it upon themselves to voluntarily and unauthorized by cooperate office to insult the customer posting on here. If a person is disabled or elderly, they are automatically referred to as "fat or lazy". If a person is doing any form of a return they are automatically accused of committing fraud.

If if involves children in any form they are automatically referred to as bad parenting. If the person is writing regarding very long unexpected delays receiving and online order the employee on here calls the customer disorganized and impatient even when the credit card is charged upfront for a forever backordered item. If the customer writes about a rude or lazy store employee again the person on here blames the customer.

If the customer posts on here about an injury from falling within the store the employee on here calls the customer a scam artist and fraud. Its a real shame this websites have been bullied and taken over by disrespectful employees who use language that could put the whole company at risk for lawsuit.

to mr customer Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1028470

Kevin Richards

to mr customer #1030986

Though I don't have time to read the whole book you just wrote nor do I hardly waste my time replying, I am not someone who Kohl's "dedicates" to come on here. I reply to those complaints that appear to be baseless and ridiculous (which there are lot of).

As far as being "unauthorized" by Corporate (not cooperate) to comment on here, I don't need authorization or permission to post. This is an independent website. People are allowed to post comments on here. It's called freedom of speech.

As far as who the other people you mentioned, including some "Kevin Richards" guy, I have no clue who those people are nor do I care.

Now move along because I have better things to do in life. Hence the reason why I'm not on here all the time.

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