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We need miles and miles of choices all shoddily made and overpriced.

Look, I love kohls, I'm a card holder, a loyal shopper for years.

But the women's stuff FALLS APART, Fades, etc- while the clothing I buy for my husband withholds year after year. What's up with that?! So, I have to spend a fortune twice a yr on a new wardrobe, while he's still wearing his 3 yrs later?!

They have some decent quality stuff in missus, petites, etc- but it comes with a price, always higher than the mens equivalent.

What really set me off though, was the shoes! I went to buy winter boots for me. I stand before a SEA of shoes- probably 200 styles of boots. It's November, and it's clear it's the season to buy these sorts of winter items.

I spend an hour pouring through boxes of boots. NOTHING. There is not a single Flippin' half good winter boot in there for women. NOT ONE. Wait, yes- there was ONE. in size 6.5, and yeah, I'm a size 8. You know, the most common women's size in america. There's boots that resemble winter boots, but are shoddy quality, not lined, have ridiculous heels, or NO traction. NOTHING here will protect my feet in the snow in NYC.

So I decide to check the Men's section, desperate.

I find an aisle and a half of quality, sturdy, reasonably priced winter and wintery work style boots in many styles. There's waterproof ones, ones that will keep your feet warm to 0 degrees, wide ones...

I go to the boys section. They EVEN HAD BETTER SELECTION than the womens! And that aisle is TEENY TINY.

Too bad neither the boys nor the mens come in my size. Or I'd walk out with Men's winter boots.

Believe it or not, Kohl's- women live on the SAME PLANET as men! (shocking, I know) and we don't freaking need heeled *** that will kill us in the slush and snow!

My friends and family say; order from zappos. Go online. WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO DO THAT WHEN THERE ARE 100 plus styles of boots at KOHLS?! My husband does not have to. Neither do my kids. But because of my female-ness, I must drop $200 at Zappos (where I can't try them on) instead of my husband, who can just pop in kohl's and be out in 30 min with $65 spend and $10 kohls cash in hand.


Reason of review: No equality for women's choices in winter gear! .

I liked: Clothing.

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