Yesterday afternoon on December 5th 2015 I was with my wife and kids at one of the local shopping districts and went to the kohl's store intending to buy travel luggage which was not only on promotion but 25% friends and family discount as well making for some impressive deals. We were only interested in one carry on bag per person since the airline check in bag fees are absolutely outrageous and either ship additional items via ups to the in laws house prior to our arrival or buy items locally upon arrival.

My wife and I went with samsonite luggage with the 4 swivel wheels and the kids chose bags with frozen and star wars themes. Since we were in a hurry to see a movie starting soon at the theater we did not look at other departments within the store and went directly to the register with our new luggage. My wife and I were satisfied with what we found and the kids were all pumped up to see their cousins soon. When we approached the registers one of the cashiers was just opening up and waved us over.

She was super friendly and said she wanted to get her son the same travel bag for when he visits his grandparents for sleepovers. The total came to roughly $250 with tax which was fair. However When we proceeded to exit the store a older female employee who was folding clothing near the exit looks up and shouts to the cashier who checked us out in a very rude and aggressive tone "did anyone inspect those suitcases for unpaid merchandise" My wife and I looked at each other confused and our kids looked scared. The cashier says she just started last week and has had very little training.

The woman then comes over and yanks the bags one by one out of our hands. I tell her 3 of the bags have zip ties holding them closed so couldn't even have been opened. She begins feeling up and shaking the suitcases. Then she grabs a scissors and cuts the zip ties on them with an angry overzealous demeanor the whole time.

After 5 minutes of her opening zippers, shaking bags, slamming stuff around and creating an audience of customers in disbelieve she looks at me and says "ok your good but next time the cashier needs to inspect the merchandise". The cashier who checked us out also looked in shock during the event gave us a look of absolute embarrassment for how her co worker acted. I looked at the angry woman and told her that "my wife and I have been shopping at kohl's for years, even prior to our teenage daughter being born, however directly because of your behavior we will be permanently be taking out business elsewhere". At that point I showed her the kohl's mvc credit card I had and snapped it in half right in front of her face.

She walks away with her same self centered demeanor. The cashier who was helping us looked absolutely humiliated and speechless. I told her she herself and vast majority of the staff was doing fine however Im sincerely sorry she needs to deal with co workers like that. I then asked her where the returns desk was and she points to another desk.

My family and I proceed to the returns desk and I explain we just purchased these items would like to return them. She asked what the reason for the return was and my wife tells her because of the heavyset gray hair woman named Betty employed by your store. My 9 year old son who is usually super shy looks up and tells the return clerk that the woman was very very mean to dad.

The returns clerk and a co worker look at eachother shaking their heads saying they can't believe Betty is still working here after 7 years and quietly tells me I'm not the first to deal with her rampage. Although most employees are nice at the 7 or so Kohl's store in the area it just takes one hardcore rude employee to loose customers for life.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service at Kohls. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Kohls to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Kohls employees are either very nice or extremely rude. The Buena Park, California store has some of the nastiest employees around.

I had an employee come up and tell me I can't shop there for abusing their coupons. Why do they pepper me with coupons if they don't want me to use them. Rude, nasty employees.

I shop mostly Amazon since my last nasty experience at Kohls. That nasty employee has saved me some big $$$ I used to spend at Kohls.


You acted as bad as the associate. Man up and act like an adult. Life's hard, crying on the Internet isn't going to solve anything.

to Anonymous Tallahassee, Florida, United States #1218581

Dear Anonymous Dec 20, 2015 #1081404

If "crying on the internet" does not solve anything, why do you waste your time doing it here?

Have not you ever complaint about anything on the internet? ...

I doubt it.

If you cannot improve silence, then "SHUT UP"


Agree with Extraordinaire below. It would've made more sense to complain to a Manager.


Ok, while I agree that the associate's ("Betty") demeanor was a little uncalled for, why didn't you ask to speak to a Manager? If customers like yourself truly feel the way you did, then you should have notified the Manager of such while you were at the customer service desk returning the luggage so he/she could have taken the necessary action right away.

In the meantime, while I am not discounting what "Betty" did, the cashiers do have a responsibility to check inside all luggage and the computer actually pops up with a message on their screen telling them to do so when scanning luggage. So it sounds like your cashier ignored the message. Perhaps "Betty" saw that your cashier did not check inside the luggage and she did what she did as a learning tool since your cashier was new, all while coming across as harsh in her demeanor.

"Snapping" your Kohl's charge in her face didn't exactly help your situation nor would any associate have cared. Hence the reason you should have spoken to a Manager who would have helped resolve the situation.

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