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First, let me say, I love Kohls prices and selection. Now, as for the no hassle returns, well, not at the Fairview Heights, IL, Kohls.

Three times I have had to return an item in the last year. Each time I had the receipt. Each time, it was within a week of purchase. Each time I had the same customer service employee. Each time I was met with a rude, condescending attitude. It was like she was shaming me for bringing it back. I was berated for taking a tag off of one returned item. "Leave the tags on! We have to defect that out you know!" No, I didn't know, I do not work here. It really took me over the top when she yelled at the lady before me over a size she had. This lady was over 70.

Each time I have been with her, I have sent a customer complaint. Never have I received a return message. And her attitude has not changed in the year that I have dealt with this person.

Sorry Kohls, Im done. Time to shop elsewhere. You are also getting the Kohls card canceled.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. lubehrens is overall dissatisfied with Kohls. The most disappointing about kohls customer care at Kohls was customer service representative , but reviewer liked kohl cash. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Springfield, Missouri, United States #1197969

Well the situation possibly could be handled better who knows there's always two sides to every story and lies are always more tangible, but my question is why are people taking tags off clothes if they are merely buying them taking them home to try on, there's no reason to take the tags off and some retailers and hopefully Kohls will do the same, will not return items without original tags. Kohls isn't a clothing rental and yet people are cheap and do it all the time, if I buy clothing and it fits I keep it I don't buy it wear it to a wedding then try to return it and pass it off as merely tried on, I'm pretty sure the employees can smell the fabric refresh spray the laundry detergent, there's always evidence that items are not in off the truck condition and the girl is right they can't resell that, why would anyone else want ro come in or even uou come in for that matter and spend 100*dollars on a dress that you knew was previously worn to someone's wedding by a stranger, that's why tags are placed where they are and with God reason.

Retail stores have a job to do.

Get a job in retail and then maybe you woukd learn to appreciate the *** they suffer at the hands of bored housewives that spend hundreds online then hold ip lines for an hour returning ***, or people that think they are entitled to whatever they want, or try to argue it's not the consumers fault somethibg broke, we'll that don't matter, you room advantage of using something that was merely a perk of a purchase, you chose, that whole I didn't know excuse for any retailer is merely telling them you knew what uou were doing.




Why don't you speak to a manager in the store? Rather than the store manager, there are assistant store managers on duty who are full capable of taking your complaint and dealing with it accordingly.

Also, it is annoying when the tags are taken off of merchandise. Can you not try on your clothes before removing the tag?

If you insist on removing the tag, how about holding on to the tags like you do your receipt and bring them with you? That way the customer service associates can just reattach the tags to the items rather than having to make new tags, which can be a pain at times.


Why don't you just ask to speak to the manager? Not every complaint gets back to the store where they can handle it.

to Anonymous #1156462

I did. I was told she was not in the store that day.

to Anonymous #1157066

There's always a manager there. It might not be the store manager, but it's someone higher up who can hold them accountable and relay a message to the store manager.

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