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I arrived prior to the opening at 8:00 p.m.I expected a long line but also expected accommodations would be made for the handicapped shopper who could not stand in the long line for 3 hrs to get in.

The ADA law was broken, and when I pointed that out, the manager of the store, (who was on the sidewalk) became unhinged. I also pointed out that they were depriving the military wounded and handicapped the chance to spend their money too. The manager was un-phased. Plenty of employees with clip boards worked the crowd signing up shoppers for credit cards, but not one of them was willing to accommodate and elderly handicapped woman, or any other handicapped person that wanted to shop.

I called the kohls store this morning, and yet again was met with disdain from the manager Kim. I called the manager Kim first to let her know that I would file a complaint with the ADA and BBB.

She said, sorry, no accommodations for the handicapped.

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I'm sorry, but I just can't agree with the OP's complaint.I believe honestly this person just wanted to move to the front of the line.

He/she could not possibly have expected Kohls to have an abundance of chairs or wheelchairs. What if everyone claimed they were handicapped? Or, what if a mother holding a baby demanded special treatment too because the baby was heavy? Or, a pregnant woman said she couldn't stand long and wanted to move to the head of the line?

PLAN PEOPLE, PLAN!Especially on a day like Black Friday.


Ok, so let me get this straight.You're handicapped, which you made it a point to tell us several times in your complaint.

You went shopping on the busiest night of the year when you knew the lines would be the equivalent of a gas station selling gas for 10 cents a gallon. Then, to top it all expected some sort of accommodation for all the above? Oh, and then you go so far to imply that Kohl's violated the ADA all because of this? No disrespect to your handicap, but I laughed so hard I nearly upchucked my Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich.

And let me know when you figure out what portion of the ADA Kohl's violated.If any lawyer tells you they violated the ADA, then that lawyer deserves to be disbarred.

Odanah, Wisconsin, United States #752724

You are right Mr. Wilson this not what the OP had in mind. The OP wanted privilaged treatment for being handicapped.


A handicapped person in a line I was watching began demanding accommodations. I went to the back to the break room, brought him a chair from the break room, and allowed him to sit in the chair in his spot in the line. Something tells me that's not what he had in mind.

to mr wilson #754171

employees of kohls posting attacking on customers just like the nonsense they do in the stores

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #796960

Wrong, my guess is if you cannot see that the customer is wrong in this situation you are six years old? The problem here is that this customer wants to be treated fairly with his handicap which is fine, but they also want special privileged treatment so that they can get he black Friday item before everyone else using their handicapped to cut I line and that is not right.

Orlando, Florida, United States #751782

Maybe you shouldn't have been shopping thanksgiving night. You choose to go out there where there is a line, then that's on you, NOT KOHLS.


Having prosthetics does not require a wheelchair.I honestly thought this was a site to make the public aware of poor or illegal behavior on the part of a government agency or commercial enterprise.

I didn't realize or ask for anyone's opinion. I merely wanted to make consumers aware. Post again if you must, surely there's other disenfranchised groups that you would rather discriminate against.

As of now, I entertain no further comments.

to Anonymous #751642

That's why I asked what law was broken. Do you know?

to MikeBrady Brecksville, Ohio, United States #752548

That's what I thought.

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