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Being a full time working Mom, I save every penny I can to once in a while buy something I need, vs. always buying for kids/ husband/dog. The sneakers I wanted were on clearance for 39.99. I saved my coupons and Kohls cash to be used, both stated could be used starting today. I went back to the store, and suddenly the "clearance" sneakers were jacked up to 59.99 and no longer on clearance. I asked the manager if there is anything that can be done about this because I had to wait to use all of my savings until this date. Basically was told "oh well, that's the sales tactics Kohls uses." Then argued with me that they weren't on clearance, only on sale, and now no longer on sale. I showed her a pic I had saved on my phone to make sure I bought the right sneakers, with the picture and word clearance on the pic. She just repeated herself that these are Kohls "tactics". Ummm...what? No customer service, no assistance, no help at all.

To make matters worse, when they wrung me up for the sneakers, at first they scanned my coupon which took $12 off, then the Kohls cash afterwards. Then I noticed that Kohls applied the Kohls cash prior to adding my coupon, which then came up at the end of my printed receipt as only taking $6 off instead of the original $12.

I am at this point really pissed and disappointed in Kohls. I have been a longtime customer, never had these issues before, and now all I want to do is cancel my Kohls charge and never return. Rude, manipulative sales tactics and pricing, zero customer service. Absolutely ridiculous!!!

I would have paid $10 for these sneakers with all my discounts, ended up paying $25 due to these aforementioned issues!!! Thanks for nothing, you've now lost a long long long time customer!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kohls Customer Care.

Reason of review: no customer service, pricing issues.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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The employees make horrible comments to the very customers that help them keep a job. What do you employees think will happen when your customers are repeatedly dissastisfied?

KMART, IT'S OKAY, KOHLS WILL BE RIGHT BEHIND YOU! I personally love the items in Kohls, but I and most people could appreciate an honest store credit versus a blatant lie.

Just tell the customers: No cash, debit or credit refund. Store credit only if items are unused.


Maybe you should've bought the sneakers when they were on sale for $39.99. It's not Kohls fault that you went to buy them AFTER the sale was over.


Learn to Adult and then these things wouldn't happen to you

to Anonymous #1531645

@ Anonymous. You meant "learn to be an adult".

Proofread please. How can you be dumb but attempt to insult someone.


You obviously went to buy them when the previous sale had ended & there was a new sale. It's funny that you're a grown up & have never heard of sales tactics that all businesses use.

Yes, they ARE allowed to have different sales & change their prices at ANY given time! How can you seriously not know this???


Agree with the comments below. Kohl's cannot help the fact that you waited and lost out on a better deal when the shoes were actually on clearance.

Sometimes items do get placed on clearance for a short time and then taken off of clearance depending on how well an item is selling and demand. Kohl's doesn't honor previous sale/clearance prices. They will only honor future sale prices within 14 days after you purchase something and it happens to be a cheaper price within that timeframe. Many department stores have the same policy along with prices that change regularly.

You're just mad because you wanted things YOUR way and pitching a fit because you think it's Kohl's fault instead putting the blame on you.

And yes, if you would have read the fine print on your coupons you would have known that all dollar-off discounts get applied prior to any percent-off discounts. Learn to read!


Very common to have something clearance one week and off clearance the next week. That doesn’t make them bad.

You just missed out and that’s all. That’s on you for missing out and NOT on the store! You can be as mad as you like you CANNOT CHANGE TIME!! Neither can the manager.

To expect them to give you something at the clearance price now when the price has gone up is YOU being cheap and demanding. In your case you didn’t have the money when they were on clearance. None of which is the fault of the retail store. The store didn’t make you pop out children.

The store did not force you to get married. The store had NOTHING to do with your day to day finances. That’s all you baby!!! If you’re going to blast them do it for something they have done wrong.

NOT giving you your way does NOT make them a bad business. YOU were literally a day late and that’s on you as well. So as a mother look at the lesson you are showing your children. YOU can’t afford those shoes?

It’s ok do what mommy does and make a scene!! Someone will do SOMETHING to make you happy! Unfortunately you and Tunis’s that follow have a rude awakening. Go ahead and make a scene, they will just give you a look and have you arrested.

You’re MORE mad at life then you are at the business because LIFE and the choices YOU MADE kept you from getting a deal. None of which is the stores fault.


No matter how coupons are scanned, cash amounts always come off total first. That info is on the kohl's cash, in the ads.As for having the ad that shows clearance, that should have been honored, but some colors,sizes are excluded, clearance items go by the inventory in store. An odd or only one color or size can be in clearance, we're as others may not.

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