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I bought a pair of shoes and after a few weeks decided to return them.I couldn't find the receipt so I thought they would just give me a gift card with the amount that was spent on the shoes.

The girl at the desk told me they could only give a refund for the lowest sale price that they had ever had on the shoe. I said I would accept that since I couldn't find the receipt and I didn't want the shoes. A week later, I found the receipt which was $10 more than they gave me on the card so I took it to the store with the card and the receipt that came with the card. I thought they would easily be able to void the card and give me a refund for the original purchase.

The manager came to the desk and tried to void the card on every register and said the register wouldn't let her void the card unless I had brought the card back the same day it was issued. I couldn't believe a manager couldn't handle this process accurately and override the register if that was causing the problem.

I called another Kohls store and the manager said they have many managers who know how to handle this easily.

This was absolute incompetence.This woman was lost as to what to do next.

Review about: Kohls Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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DUH!That was your loss.

You cant expect them to be able to make up for YOUR MISTAKES! You lost your receipt, thats your fault. You did not take enough time to look for you receipt, again thats your fault. you can not void gift cards, and thats not just at Kohl's!

It really bothers me that customers make mistakes and then get mad at the company as if they did something wrong.They gave you a store credit now get over it.


Posted by Bob Pepalis (Editor) , December 27, 2013 at 02:35 PM A Kohl's employee has been arrested and accused of stealing more than $400 in store credit by refunding returned merchandise to gift cards that he then kept and used for herself.

A store loss prevention officer called Milton police on Dec.21 to report the theft by deception, and told the responding officer that the suspect had signed an affidavit confessing to the thefts.

The employee was working at the customer service desk on four occasions in December when he allegedly stole from the store.

On Dec. 9, the woman selected four items at the customer service desk and used another store employee's ID number to refund the merchandise to a gift card. A day later he used the gift card to purchase several items at Kohl's.

On Dec. 10 the warrant alleges that when a customers returned some items, he walked into the back room and pocketed the gift card.

The customer was given an empty gift card. This gift card was used to purchase items on Dec. 20.

On Dec. 13 and 18, the incident report says he again selected items and used another employee's ID to put a refund on another gift card.

These gift cards also were used at the store on Dec.


The total amount of store credit he allegedly stole was $413.29.Jamil Lee Mills, 21, of Ashleigh Lane, Alpharetta, was arrested on a charge of theft by deception and is being held in Fulton County Jail.

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The manager is absolutely correct. If you do not do it the same day then there is no way to void it and give you the difference. Basically I tell customers if you think you can find the receipt then wait to return it because once it is done it's done.

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while i work retail but not kohl's i can tell you that 99% of the time this is how the system is set up.if you had found it that day and come back they MAY have been able to void it out.

with that said i can tell you where i work if someone gets a card like that and ends up finding the receipt and wants to void out the card instead it needs to be done that same day on the same register with the same employee.

there's no other way to do it in our system and i'm assuming theirs is the same way. it's to prevent people from getting cards issued, using them and then trying to void them the next day.

if someone had gotten the card, tried using it then tried to cancel it , it would also not allow a void because a purchase had been made on it.

in closing please for the love of god, do a little research and actually LEARN the process don't just assume the manager was incompetent or handle it accurately, she clearly states by your own admission that she said it "wouldn't let her void the card unless you had brought the card back the same day it was issued"

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