I purchased merchandise from the Kohls store for $200.04 and wanted to use my debit card to pay for. The system in the store was incorrect and only allowed a credit transaction even though my card is a debit card.

Kohls does except Debit Cards. The manager comes up and voids the original transaction and says try it again. Again it only comes up with the option of credit. I said just leave it alone do not run it against my account again.

The manager says don't worry on a void that is our fault it will be credited to your account within 24 hours. On June 9th when I had not received credit I contacted Paul the manager and he promised to look into. Again I hear nothing, so I call him back today the 15th of June. He basically says there is nothing he can do but wait until it is processed.

He gave the District office and they told me I would have to call the Regional Office, they do not handle these issues. Then the regional office gave me the number to the credit department and they could not help since they only handle Kohls charges not visa. They gave the corporate number in Wisconsin. As of 5:30 on the 15th, no one has gotten back to me and I am still out the amount of the void $200.04.

If this was a return of merchandise, I understand I am at the mercy of credit card processing and my banks time it takes to process.

This was a mistake made by Kohls faulty system and still 11 days later no refund. Since a retailer has to pay a higher discount rate for pin based debit transactions, I believe they have their cash registers bring up credit only to avoid paying the higher fee on pin based debit transactions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kohls Credit Card.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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kc2, my debit card can go through as a credit card. It still comes from my checking account like any other debit purchase though.


For the cashier the button for credit or debit is the same. When you slide your card you have to pick credit or debit. When you slide the screen that comes up gives you an area to sign if you want credit and under it says to enter your pin if you want debit. It's not the cashiers or machines fault that you chose credit and not debit. It's impossible to bring up just credit.

Kohls has done everything they can. It's all up to Visa now. If they are taking awhile it's Visas fault not Kohls.

Also if you had a cashier a debit card to swipe through the slot attached to keyboard it has to be credit, since the cashier obviously can't enter your pin.


You should have been given a copy of the transaction being voided. However, are you sure you were using your debit card and not a credit card?

I know sometimes I make a mistake of using my credit card instead of my debit card.

You can only use DEBIT with a bank card.

Also, if there was a pin pad at the register, you have the option to select debit or credit. However, if the cashier was sliding the card through the register, it will only be taken as credit.


What your saying does not add up. First of all stores get charged more for a credit based system then a debit, stores do not allow the use of debit sometimes because when its linked to a credit and debit account you would have to enter your pin and a lot of stores do not have pin pads because there is not a large enough demand for them.

Also when a transaction hits your account that has nothing to do with the company and OBVIOUSLY a store manager does not have the ability to contact your bank on behalf of his corporation and demand your small 200$ purchase be delt with immediatly. You should have taken it apon yourself to dispute the charge with your bank of credit card company if they really did charge you twice and not return your money. You are nieve and should have done more for yourself.

ALSO 200$ is NOT a big purchase !!! some many people spend that there a day, get over yourself.


If the system wouldn't recognize your card and therfore you couldn't make your purchase, how is it they owe you $200.04? Makes no sense - and of course it has to be conspiracy as well.

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