Is anyone else tired of seeing Kohls ads with clothing or other items you'd like to buy only to find out you can't locate it online?I wanted to buy myself a mother's day gift of a jewelry set.

Blue topaz necklace, earring and ring, yet there is no choice of size for the ring. Well they just lost a $100 purchase. Then I tried to buy my daughter in law her first mother's day gift, and saw a gorgeous blouse in their ad pushing you to buy and yet again nowhere to be found online. And if you go to the store, there's no guarantee you will find it there.

I used to love Kohls, but they are turning out to be bait and switch like so many other retailers.I will find another place to shop.

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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1252623

Hey are worse than ever!!!!!I was away supporting our disabled troops, 60 days, when I return I found a letter in the mail asking me to verify my address.

I have had account for 3 years, never been late, always carried low or zero balance. I called them to see what was up and they said "you took to long to respond we closed your account last week" After talking to a supervisor who I explained situation too she said looks like there is nothing wrong with your account it should be able to reopened.. someone will call you in next 24-48 hours ... a week later I get a letter saying they can not reopen it because I do not meet the requirements to reopen!!!!

What the heck I did not do anything but support them!!! Enough of them ...

shopping elsewhere.I bet if I carried a balance they wouldn't have closed it!!!!!!


thats because Kohls SUCKS !!!


I ordered merchandise from Kohl's and it was too large.They have no stores anywhere near NYC and they promised to send UPS.

They gave UPS the wrong address--I called their store three times and they promised to get it right. When I complained to my credit card, they said UPS called and the "package wasn't ready," However, Kohl's gave them the wrong address. I do not give mmerchant's my e-mail address and they promised to send via US mail a UPS return label--and they didn't. They won't give me a return address--I'm willing to eat the cost of a UPS shipping, just to be quit of this matter.

Very sloppy and unprofessional.

I will never shop with them again, even if they open a store in my building.


:grin Pathetic, you having to buy yourself your own mother's day gift. With an attitude like yours, I'm not surprised.

to CN Chicago, Illinois, United States #619574

Are you *** kidding, CN, you troll.How could you possibly complain about someone else's attitude when you're going around trolling.

Kohl's sucks.Anyone who's barely shopped there knows it.

to Al Detroit, Michigan, United States #619795

Yay, more stuff for the intelligent folks :D Thank you for leaving.


Kohls is a low budget store. They suck. Dont shop there.


Kohl's hates pregnant women, don't shop there.My wife and I were in a Kohls and we had several items that we were going to purchase.

My wife was in late term pregnancy and was understandably tired of walking around. There was a bed set up in the store and she sat down. An early 20's male employee told her to "Get up, that is display only. We have chairs at the front of the store for sitting, go there and sit down." That pissed my wife off (and myself).

It wouldn't hurt anything to let an obviously pregnant lady sit down for 2 minutes.

We abandoned the items we were going to purchase and left the store.It's been 4 years and we haven't returned to that Kohls or any other since then.

to Dude #620057

While the employee could have been far more polite in asking your wife to get up, it was for her safety.The display beds are props and not meant to bear anymore weight than the bedding displayed on it.

She could have been injured had the mattress fallen through the frame.Trust me, I'm NOT saying Kohl's is wonderful but after 14 years of asking people (kindly) if they would mind not sitting on the beds because I don't want them to get hurt, then getting told to "*** off, I do what I want", I just felt compelled to say that she could have gotten hurt.


Kohl's overcharged me twice the advertised price at the register. Thinking this was an error, I pointed out the overcharge to the clerk at the register. She tried paging the floor clerk to get a price check on the items. After several attempts and no responses, the register clerk just shrugged and then handed me a receipt with the overcharges still on it.

Because of amount of the overcharge - it prudent on my part to go to the service desk to contest the charges over and above the advertised prices.

The service desk clerk scanned the items then informed me that was the price in the computer.

I persisted and was able to get a supervisor. Again, I was told that I was wrong, and that Kohl's charged the correct price, based on the price in the computer.

I asked the supervisor to simply walk over to the area where the items were so I could show her the price right in their store.

Finally, Kohl's relented. What is hard to understand is why...

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