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I placed my order with Kohls on Nov 2 after canceling my order with Wal Mart to save nearly $70-$80.00 BIG MISTAKE. I was told that I will have my shipment by Monday Dec 14th.

I was excited because not only did I save money BUT i received Kohls cash!!! Its safe to say that I won't have my ground shipment in 3 days because it hasn't be shipped out yet. The tracking information only states " A UPS shipping label has been created." NOTHING else has been done. I have called customer service at least 7 times this past week.

The mangers stated they are going to "FLAG" this account and someone will contact me via email with status.

Clearly that hasn't happen yet!! Im very disppointed in Kohls bc know one has any details.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $300.

I didn't like: No satisfaction, Shpping details.

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I don't get why companies call these "hoverboards" they do NOT hover they're like tiny segways for your feet only but they absolutely do NOT hover.

that being said there are so many different ones with SO many different problems most noted is being the ones that seem to burst into flames somehow?

to Anonymous Bossier City, Louisiana, United States #1245961

This why our country is falling apart, it's whiney *** people like you!!!


Wondering if anyone has returned their scooter to Kohls yet and if they were given a hard time? I want to return ours after reading the reviews about them.

I am reading that the one we bought (was supposed to be Venetian but is Smart Drifiting Scooter) has the "shamrock" type plug that is unsafe.

to Anonymous #1449914

I purchased one this year and it worked for 5 minutes. Kohls will not allow me to return it and said I need to get a hold of the manufacturer.

However, they aren't able to be contacted.

There is a false phone number listed and their website is unaccessible to consumer. I am pissed.


How do I know which one i got, I bought the sharper image sogo self balancing board on Black Friday, when I got it, it has a company name of Creative kids Far East ltd on it, wondering if this is a safe one, has anyone bought this one


I experienced the same thing with kohl's. I called the 800 number daily trying to get an update.

No infomation was given and I actually got yelled at by one of the manager's. So that made me really livid. I was told a case would be created and he would start the refund process. I really got irate them.

All I wanted was an update. I placed the order on 12-1-15. I received the tracking number 12-3-15 stating that my package would be delivered 12-8-15. Well, no package came.

I called and called. Finally, after 8 calls I was told my package had not left the warehouse. So pissed. I was then told to be patient and the date was changed to 12-21-15.

So I'm going to wait and see if it comes..... I don't like being ugly with people, but this is just ridiculous.


I ordered mine and it came

On time, I used it to see how it will workmanship was awesome!!!' My son is

Going to be very happy with it!


I ordered the same one...took almost 2 weeks to show up and delivery man had me sign for it. Hope it shows up!


Ordered mine cyber Monday. Just checked tracking & says its in the area & should be delivered Fri.

Honestly, not worried about getting it because I think I'm just going to go directly to Kohl's to return it. There isn't going to be any battery info that I'm willing to chance the safety of my family.

Disappointed this gift isn't going to be given because my kids would've been over the moon, but if it's not safe it's no worth the risk. Hopefully it will be resolved & it can be a gift option next year.

to Anonymous Largo, Florida, United States #1079602

I got a generic one from Kohls instead of the one I had ordered.

Will be returning it. Go to Best Choice Products website-they have a good one with the Samsung battery for 329.95 free shipping.

to Anonymous #1080340

I just got the one I ordered from Kohls and it's a generic one. Not the Venitian one that we ordered.


FYI - I had the same issue ordered 12/2 ups label created on 12/5 said I would receive between 12/8 & 12/15 & no movement after that ... Didn't make sense ...

Started calling the 8th ... Called several different times ... Finally the last time (which was the 13th) they put a trace on it & I received an email a few hours later that said they had reason to believe I would have it by the 18th ... Next day I called & spoke with a supervisor & he said he just had the exact same call & after looking into it further found out they were out of stock but he said it was weird that my order said shipped but that it was a good sign that I got an email saying the 18th .....

Last night I got an email saying they were going to forward me a new tracking # so I went into my order & tried to track it ...

Low & behold they were shipped last night & it says they will be delivered Monday ... Can't believe it but am extremely relieved!!!


You are all whining, it is only saving your house from burning to the ground


Similar issue here!!! I am so done with Kohls.

I understand it is not all their fault but their customer service is horrible and could care less. I ordered two boards and after almost three weeks received one!!! Paid for two. Says two shipped.

But they really only shipped one (can tell by weight of package and they come in original box so would have needed two tracking numbers). I know I should be thankful to have one.. but this is my kids christmas. All they wanted and I was so happy to have gotten it out of the way on 11/28 (so I thought!).

This is the third time kohls has done something like this and this is the last time for me. I spend tons of money there..they don't appreciate their consumers. For a company to say they were not basically prepared for the supply.. seriously..

This is the hot item... what did you think?!?!


Just dealing with the exact issue with exact estimated delivery date. I was told, (after numerous calls that I was disconnected from) my order was cancelled due to kohls no longer using this supplier due to the fire issues.

I had to call about 5 times to get a refund on my credit card.

Still waiting to see it. Just went to the mall and bought one through FYE


The same thing happened to me me. I ordered nov.

28 . I was told I would have it by December 8.

I still have not received it. Shipping label created and it sat there.


Same thing happened to me. Now I'm wondering where these "hoverboards" are actually coming from (China?) since Venetian Worldwide is actually a furniture wholesaler. Very disappointed in Kohl's.


We at Venetian worldwide want all Kohls customers to know that we did receive your order and it will be shipped out to you before Christmas. We had a major influx in orders and has caused a little delay.

We apologize to anyone who does not have movement on tracking as you should be seeing your item move this upcoming week.

We value you as a customer to Kohls and appreciate your patience.

Venetian Worldwide


to Anonymous #1078024

I appreciate you taking my phone call last night to explaining to me what exactly is going on. I am looking forward to receiving this gift for my son.

Thank you


to Anonymous #1078471

Venetian Worldwide, what country are these "hoverboards" coming from, and what company actually makes them? Are they UL tested? It's hard to find any information on this product which is making me a little nervous about giving it to my son for Christmas......

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