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I placed an online order last night & received an email stating that my order cannot be placed & to contact customer service. I tried that evening but they were closed bi called the customer service number the next morning.

FirSt U talked with Paul #1852161 in customer service. He could not tell me why my order didn't go through. It talked with the fraud dept, kept trying different things & kept telling me "this is weird". After 45 minutes I asked to be transferred to a manager.

Rosalinda, in the San Antonio call center assisted me. She says it was because of a problem with the bill to & ship to address. She tried to straighten it out. I asked if she could upgrade my shipping or do anything for my hour plus call to get this resolved.

She offered me a $10.00 adjustment. That was like a slap across the face. It was over 240.00. I told her cancel order & close my account.

I asked to speak with a manager. She put me on hold & nobody ever came if the phone.

It was a disgusting experience. Terrible customer service !!!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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You need to grow up. Problems happen and that is why there are customer services representatives to help.

He found the problem to fix it. That is their job. Your job is to stop complaining being a baby.

You canceled you order. Okay.

Now what? What good comes from your complaint?

That mistakes happen? Grow up.


So you wanted the problem fixed AND more free money? Glad you're not a customer anymore. Greed gets you nowhere.


Like Anonymous stated below, you do sound very greedy and entitled. Obviously the supervisor you spoke to was able to identify what the problem was with the order and fixed it for you and took upon herself to knock some off the price.

What more do you want? You can only stick your nose so high in the air, dear!


It's not Kohls fault that the order couldn't be completed. Why would they need to compensate you? God, it never ceases to surprise me, how greedy and entitled some people are

to Anonymous #1054922

Your right, why should kohls corporate take responsibility for their employees to keep accurate inventory of stock???? It's so much easier for them to keep discontinued items listed for sale then blow off customers with a pre writer form letter like this situation after remaining stock has been depleted but tons of customers with pending orders. Kohls 3 rules to online customer service are " excuses, excuses, excuses"

to Mister Customer #1066798

At least you're not bitter.

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