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This store is a *** scam! Dont ever apply for a credit card with them!

You will regret it. I have one with them and honestly i wished i never opened it. No matter how much you pay towards your account they with charge it all to the interest and your account balance never goes down!

Iv been owing them $1,000 for over a year and it just doesnt seem to go under $900. With a min of $49 and me making them of that or most of the time $100

Product or Service Mentioned: Kohls Credit Card.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Of course all credit cards are going to apply payments toward the interest first. Sounds like you're irresponsible with credit cards and don't know how to spend money within your means.


It's NEVER a good idea to get a store credit card that you are going to carry a balance on. You will start with an interest rate between 20 and 30 percent.

Miss a payment or make one late and then you convert to a default rate that carries an even higher rate. Take a look at each bill and it will show you how much you will end up paying if you only make the minimum payment, and yes you will be paying for years and years to pay it off.

Build good credit and if you need to carry a balance get a Visa or Master Card that has lower rates. The only thing store credit is good for is the no-interest promotions and ONLY when you can afford to pay the balance within the promotional period.


Come on! This is not rocket science.

Of course they apply your payment to the interest first and then the principal. That's not a scam; it's called business. They loaned you the money to buy whatever the h*** you bought and like any other financial institution they are going to charge you interest for that privilege.

See if your local community college has course on basic personal finance. You definitely need one.


Gee, how could you possibly avoid this situation? Maybe don't spend money you don't have and make only the minimum payment!

If you owe them $1000 and can't pay it off, you've obviously spent beyond your means.

Don't get credit cards if you aren't responsible enough to pay your bills. They have every right to charge interest when you got the merchandise and they haven't gotten paid for it.

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