Kohls promised to send a check for a level 3 refund.They never did.

It was $20 only. They treat you like a criminal on the phone and say you MUST find the original receipt. I have no idea who actually gave this item to us at this point. With Xmas and Bday parties, they all get mixed up.

So now i am out $20. Was treated awfully by Katie at Corporate and will never go back to Kohls. I cant believe they also changed their Kohls Cash policy and now you lose any cash you have earned during returns. They should give merchandise credit, its still their money.

They would keep customers but instead they are making everyone angry in more than one way.Goodbye Kohls.

Monetary Loss: $20.


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coz why you need to return it.just plan when you shop.

if its not necessary then dont buy anything. sometimes customers abusing those stores who are so accomodating. and if you are not sure if you like what you shop or not, don't loose your receipt in that way, you're not get on trouble.

coz people now a days are abusing stores like kohls.they used the items already for how many times and then, when they have no money or they want a new pair, they will return those old items.



Commack, New York, United States #1333134

Coperate never calls back nor do they Eva answer leave u sitting on hold !Terribke customer swrvice they once accused my brother of stealing a micro wave he got as a gift !

Treat people like there garbage !He never got his tefund

Commack, New York, United States #1333132

Kohls is also tresting me horribly I returned my shark vac cuz I found it to be heavy wanted a cordless misplaced receipt so I was told coperate refund !It's 30 days now I got nothing I call store & ask fir vac back they tell me sorry we sent back to manufacturer !

Coperate will decide if there paying me after there investigation ! Are they fir real they treat there customers horrible no wonder ther going out of biz !

I refuse to let them keep my 200 !!I will never shop there again horrible

to Annoymus #1429845

Same thing with me, I over paid my Kohls Credit Card and they the only way I get the over paid is through check and it’s been 3 weeks now, I don’t get the check...I been telling all my friends closed all your Kohls credit and don’t shop Kohls no more


I am still waiting for $136.38.Over 6 months now.

Have called 12 times.HATE KOHLS!!!!!!


At least you only had a 20 dollar loss. The same thing happened to me but it was a 160 dollars loss for me. If I never set foot in that store again it will be to soon.

La Puente, California, United States #1027931

went to kohls with items and receipt.kohls refused to refund my money and told me i had to take store credit.

back of receipt clearly says you can get a refund if you have the receipt.

called customer service number for kohls and they refused to refund my money. total scam.

these people are dishonest.

dont shop at kohls.

dont know why anyone would shop there anyway, if its not on sale its at least 66% more expensive than other stores on common items such as underwear etc.

to dave #1429856

OMG, same thing happen to me... bad customer service ever!

Freehold Township, New Jersey, United States #992528

I've received a luggage for my engagement I really did care for it, it was not big enough so I decided to return it at kohls hoping to get store credit to buy something else I need.Because I do not have a receipt the told me that I would get a corporate refund.

After waiting three weeks with out the refund I decided to call the 800 #, the women was very rude didn't want to give me any answer she told me to call back when I get the name and phone # of the person that gave me the gift and than she hung up on me. I really don't know what to do because my situation is really complicated.

My fiancé is from Belgium, he still live there and his parent had ordered the luggage for me to travel to see him and they told me that they don't have the receipt for it.

Do they need to call corporate themself for the refund?

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