I received a gift over the holidays 12/05 from my boss that I had no use for and wanted to exchange for something else. I heard via co-workers that he had purchased his gifts at Kohls.

I went to my local Kohls for the exchange and was told that I would be receiving a check from their corporate office, their reasoning was that the cost of the gift dictated how I would receive the exchange.($228) I didn't understand why since they advertise how favorable their return policy is. I left my gift at the store with only a receipt in hand. I GAVE Kohls my merchandise and left with a small piece of paper. I felt uneasy about doing this but was assured from the service rep behind the counter that I would receive a corporate refund check in the mail in a week.

Okay. I waited for 7 weeks! Finally, I decided to give them a call. I spoke to someone in their corporate office.

She was rude, blunt, condescending, and interrupted me midsentence. She said I need to ask the person that gave me the gift about 20 questions like "What store, what time, what payment", etc. Never would I ask my BOSS these questions so I told her that I would rather not ask. I didn't want him to know I had returned his gift.

She told me the only option I have is to go back to the store and pick up the product without a return. I was so disgusted at this point, I agreed to go back to the store and pick it up. She said she would call me tomorrow after she speaks to the store and arrange a pick up. I never heard from them again.

A week later I called. This time (after entering the tracking info on my receipt to route my call and pull up the notes on their computers) She decides to sac my call to voicemail. I called right back, Got another rude person that spoke over me. Told me that the person that I need to speak to was on her lunch break and she would call me back.

She talked to me like a cop would speak to a criminal.

Still have yet to get a call back. In summery Kohls is keeping my gift hostage and doesn't seem to care about it!

Location: Los Angeles, California

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This also happen to me with a 60$ shirt and when I went to the store to ask about it they said they dont know what im talking about and was 'confused' about the situation acting like they would never do something like that.


I have also been waiting for 3 months for a refund check that has never arrived, although the store took my merchandise.


Over the Holliday’s I was shopping at Kohl’s.com and had to end up returning a couple of the items because my dad could not fit it. So I went to the store to return it and was told I would receive a corporate refund.

Weeks go by and I decided to call and she was rude and told me I had to give her the order number and everything and she will call me back. I been calling and have to leave voice messages.

It’s been 2 months now and I still haven’t received anything. I’m a rewards member and I have a Kohl’s charge and I’m going through this.


How is it that “there have been too many return or the merchandise is too old” when the *** I PAID FOR WITH A CARD was brand new, full price and have NEVER done a return at Kohl’s in my life? Then to call corporate 14 business days later to be treated like a criminal, even with FINDING the original receipt, which, by the way, they were able to pull up with in 16 months of purchase, but I was lied to saying they couldn’t pull it up.

It had been a month if that, I used a card, and I am a rewards member. You are most certainly an idiot, or are one of Kohl’s corporate monkeys.


Well l for one have only returned one item back to Khols in my entire life and they did that to me the other day!!! They said to me that something came up that I had to accept a piece of paper stating that I'd get a cooperate refund.

Now I know for a fact the items I was returning were purchased 1 week before I attempted this return because my wife bought it with my money!!!! So that thing that you said about too many returns is B.S. those workers pick and chose who they make returns for I saw a guy literally take an item from the shelf and go to the counter and return it.Now normally I would've told them.that he stole that item but after the was treated I could've cared less about their merchandise!!!! SO SCREW KHOLS!!!!





It's called bait and switch. Kohls tells you how friendly their return policy is, then when you return something, all the fine print shows up.

I had a phone conversation with a lady from Kohls corporate about their return policies a year or 2 ago. She was much more concerned with the 1 or 2% who take advantage of the policy than the other honest 98%. I stopped shopping at Kohls after that. But my wife just got screwed big time by Kohls with her Christmas returns.

We are waiting for a check. Kohls said we would get it in 7 days. If Kohls does not live up to their promise, they will be receiving daily calls from me until they do, plus formal complaints to every government agency I can find.

Kohls president is Kevin Mansell and will be replaced soon by Michelle Gass. Offices are at N56 W17000 Ridgewood Drive, Menomonee, WI.


Yeah I've experienced a simalar situation I had a receipt for some of the items but some I lost my receipt for well they gave my money back for the items I did have my receipt for but for those other items for which I did not have receipt for they made me feel as if I was a common thief. I will never shop at Khols ever again!!!!!

Those people made me feel lower than low and I will never spend another penny with them ever I'm life!!!! FUKK KHOLS!!!


I just returned a higher value item today that was a gift and they offered me a corporate refund. I felt uncomfortable leaving the item there with only a piece of paper.

I told them id gladly accept a gift card for the item then and there. So i could pick something out i could use and then give the remaining amount back to the person as their christmas gift because i felt guilty for returning it, the woman at customer service said that wasnt possible and explained something about "so much theft of goods happening at their store that it had to be investigated" how does someone steal something that is only available online? Such a bizarre policy.

Now im sure i will have to ask the person that bought me the gift for their credit card information or a reciept to prove they bought it which is such a *** thing . Some people never recieve the refund and their gift or purchase is never seen again, i should have just kept it and put it in the back of my close since im afraid i just cost my friend 299.99


I too am still waiting on my corporate-issued refund check. It's been over 2 years.

Lost my receipt so never called.

Good thing it was only worth 20 bucks... :x


Happened to my daughter too. What a rip off, and why not just in store credit like normal. She never received her check and had a receipt so made no sense!!!




I got a big picture frame as a birthday gift from my mom about a week ago, today I went to return it without the receipt (my mom couldn't find it). So she says I can get $11 store credit for the item, when my mom said she paid almost $30 for it, although I understand I didn't have the receipt so they give you the sale price or whatever.

So I say ok that's fine, she asks for my ID and scans it and says that something came up saying I would be mailed a corporate refund within 10 business days, and if I didn't receive it than call a certain number. I am so beyond livid right now and have heard 1 too many bad stories about their corporate refunds. I am going to assume they thought it was stolen? I called my mom and told her what happened and she is beyond upset that they wouldn't even give me in store credit, let alone give me about 1/3 of the price she paid.

I just called up to the store and told them to put my item aside becasue I will be coming back later to pick it back up because my mom said she will put it up in her house. Kohls has false advertisement with their claimed "amazing return policy".


If you returned it without a receipt, you absolutely should have gotten the lowest sales price that the store has sold that item for in the last six weeks. And you should have received merchandise credit.

That price ($228) should have warranted a merchandise credit return. One of two things occurred here. Either the item was too old to give you a merchandise credit, or you simply have returned without a receipt too many times and it required them to give you the corporate refund. The average time to receive the refund is about 1-2 weeks.

But it can take longer than that. I suggest next time, just keep the gift lol.


What a retarded comment, "you get a free gift you don't want so you take it back." Who doesn't do that? What you should just keep something that's brand new that you will NEVER use, just because it's a gift when you know the store that it was purchased at and they advertise "no hassle" return policy.

Maybe he should sell it at a yard sale for a quarter. You are an *** AL!!


actually, (lol), I would never return a gift...I think it's tacky. So.



you had it coming, ***


Who's rude?? You get a FREE gift that you don't want, so you take it back to get money (greedy little *itch).

You don't get your dough and now you're crying about YOUR gift.

How about asking your boss to square it away for you - I'm sure you've already told him how much you enjoyed the gift. :p

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