The new policy for returns using your KOHLS cash is a lose lose for the customer.I got KOHLS cash, I have to spend it between the dates posted, I am not allowed to used a 15%,20% 30% promotional discount.

Which means they make 100% of the 10.00 dollar incentive. I bougth 50.00 worth of merchandise I returned a 13.00 dollar item. I used my KOHLS cash for 10.00 nail polish. When I went to make the return I am told you used your KOHLS cash so we will be giving you 3.00 dollars back.

If I bought that same nail polish when I had a 30%, 20% or 15% off coupon I would not spend 10.00 on it I would spend 7.00 best case and 8.50 worst case. I lost 1.50 or 3.00 any way you want to look at it. The Customer loses.

this is the case for a return when you get KOHLS cash (store incentive) also if I returned the Nail polish they will give me a store credit not cash.This policy chaged is bad news for customer and bad news for KOHLS they have already lost my business how about you!!

Review about: Kohls Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Leola, Pennsylvania, United States #919938

So you spend 50 dollars to get 10.

Return any amount and you are now below 50 dollars and no longer deserve the kohls cash you earned.

If you spend the kohls cash before returning the item then you spent ten dollars that you did not earn.

So now you owe the company ten dollars in kohls cash.

Instead of asking you for a ten dollar bill they deduct it from the item you are choosing to return.

I don't see a flaw or a loss.I see you trying to make ten dollars on a 50 dollar purchase them return an item that made your total less then 50 and expect to keep the ten dollars and make a profit.


and the prices are always higher when you get to spend the KOHLS CASH SCAM COUPON


Kohls cash is a scam. Wby give a coupon if you are going to take it back over and over again.


So over the KOHLS CASH coupon thing. Without the coupons the prices are higher then other stores.


cash coupon not cash


Well it wasn't enough for KOHLS to take it back in one direction. Now they are taking it back when you spend the KOHLS CASH also (I know you earned it at that point and should get a STORE CREDIT) but no they are now taking it back started around BLACK FRIDAY,

to KOHLS CASH SCAM Detroit, Michigan, United States #583143

Yup new policy look it up and learn to read the back of coupon. If you don't want the coupon pay it forward and quit thinking your entitled to everything.

to logic #583146

Another slow night at KOHLS!

to @ LOGIC Detroit, Michigan, United States #583170

Nope got lines going toward the back and people love us why?Because we paid for a womens purchase that was over $1600.

Yup, just Kohls making dreams come true.:p

to @ LOGIC #583287

Not the paying ones!! Give it away and they will come!!

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