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I dont' know if Kohl's shopper were aware of an arrangement that they have made with FedEx and the USPS. I recently made an onlinepurchase at Kohl's. I am a frequent shopper both at my local store as well as online. For the holiday season, I purchased a number of items which were to be donated to a family. My deadline for submitting the gifts is December 14th.

The package left the Kohl's location on December 4th. I thought great it will arrive on time. It is now December 13th and there is no package. I was informed by FedEx that my package is now with the USPS and should be delivered no later than Saturday, December 18th.

I contacted Kohl's, and I was informed that any package under 8 pounds will now be sent FedEx Smartpost which means FedEx takes it so far then it is dumped at a USPS location where the USPS delivers it to its final destination. If this shipping method continues, I will most likely discontinue shopping online at Kohls. I thought online shopping was suppose to make your life easier.

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I agree. They charge you a whopping $8.59 for shipping and then they use the cheapest, slowest and crappiest service possible?! And I had no choice, since the item I needed was not available 50 miles around me.


Dealing with the same issue and what's worse is even if your entire order is over 8 pounds, the items can be broken up and shipped separately.So your items, if using snartpost, take FOREVER to get to you.

I ordered on Dec 5th.

It is Dec 18th and I do not have my items.Very very fist rating since I need them tomorrow!!!

Peabody, Massachusetts, United States #1076898

I totally agree.I will NEVER order from Kohl's again online.

My order shipped on December 2nd, I have been tracking my package for the past few days and it shows that it will be delivered by the end of the day on December 10th. At 6:00PM it still showed it would be delivered by the end of the day on December 10th. At 8:00PM it no longer showed when it would be delivered. So I called FedEx and that's when I found out that Kohl's ships using Smart Post and it will be delivered today, December 10, delivered to my local post office!

I told FedEx that does not make any sense my house is 1 minute driving distance from my local Post Office. All I can think of is it must be a Union thing.

Does not matter how long it takes and everyone gets paid.I will NEVER order from Kohl's or anyone for that matter that ships this way.


mine is on FedEx & its going to be 15 days or so that's what they tell me right now.I needed this for this week-end.

I ordered it on the 2nd today is the 12th... Will NOT order online with Kohl's ever again.

OH by the way placed an order with WalMart on Thursday received it on Friday from Arkansas to TN............NOW that's service.


STILL using smartpost 2 years later. They just don;t care


I will "ditto" your complaint except there have been some significant changes in Kohls' shipping methods since your post.FedEx Smart Post has gotten their act together with USPS, at least in my experience.

I have ordered merchandise from and via the kiosk at a local store and my usual wait time for the FedEx Smart Post/USPS shipping method is typically around 5 business days (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, but never longer than a week unless items were on back order). OK, here's the BIG change that I just found out about today and has really fired me up! Kohls is now using UPS (United Parcel Service)together with USPS for items weighing less than 8 lbs. They are still continuing to use FedEx Smart Post as well.

I don't think you get a choice with the carrier? UPS is a mess! It's been 7 business days and I still have not received my merchandise - the package is stuck in God-knows-where. I called customer service 3x questioning the delay and everytime, I got nothing but excuses.

Kohls also was deliquent in sending out the package in a timely fashion.

At this point, I'm unsure if I will be ordering from them again - tired of the b.s.and the excuses!

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