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Per Kohl's website: "We do match our competitors' prices. Just bring a copy of the competitor's ad with the current date on it to your nearest Kohl's Department Store." Well, not so fast .

. . I found the EXACT same model of Magic Bullet in a Macy's ad for $39.99 (reg. price $79.99).

Kohl's sales price was $62.99 (reg. price $69.99). They wouldn't match the price because the original sales price was not the same! That's no policy at all - very rarely are original prices the same!

If its the same model #, what difference does the original price make?

Location: Dallas, Texas

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MSRP stands for Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Suggested.

Manufacturers then sell to stores at a wholesale price and the stores have the option to sell items at whatever prices the market will bear. This is what retail is. It's why you're taught to shop around for the best prices.

It's why you have things like coupons to attract you to one store over another. What is with all the weird whining over MSRP???


I used to be a manager at kohls and if I could look at the item and see that it was the exact same item in the comp ad, I'd match it. Easy.

Didn't matter if the original prices were different. Most people know that different stores have different starting price points.

I'm willing to bet that you would have gotten a different answer if you had asked for a manager. If you did, and the manager refused to honor it, I would've either tried a different store or called corporate.


You know it wasn't the same model. You wanted the more expensive model dirt cheap. You're the scammer.


Obviously, people choose to price match at Kohls to use the additional discounts they offer, such as an extra 25% off. Clearly, Kohls offers these discounts because of the price mark-up they impose on their prices.


Dear *** Kohls employees, I would like you to look at the Waterpik model WP-100. On Waterpik's website, the price as of 1/15/2012 is "59.99 retail." Yet, Kohls.com, as of this very moment, has the MSRP of the WP-100 (EXACT same model number listed in the description) listed as $69.99.

Clearly, Kohls and its employees are brain-dead monkeys. No one is trying to cheat the system except the idiots that wokr within the companies that designed these "systems." Please learn to use your brains.


You shop Kohl's because of their policy to take care of the customer. I took our four year old Keurig back because it was always louder than ones I had purchased for friends and family, and they exchanged it without a receipt.

It was not a scam, it was simply louder when brewing. In customer service Kohl's is currently KING, but others are learning how to act towards their customers.

At that point Kohl's will notice their sales dropping, as playing the price game gets to be a challenge. Perhaps they will evolve as they have to stay on top.


Kohls regular price is NOT always the same as manufacturer's price. As example, look at Dyson DC-41.

Dyson website has it at $599 MSRP.

Kohls has this item listed as $649 MSRP. Most other stores do list this item at the correct MSRP.


Yeah, the regular price makes all the difference. It must be the same regular price for us to match.

I work customer service, so I can tell you right now that I probably wouldn't have price matched either simply because it just isn't the same MSRP. Don't be mad at the policy, because the policy is just fine. Sounds to me like you were just trying to take advantage of the system. Here's a question I've always wanted to ask.

Why come to Kohl's to price match, if you see the item in another catalog and you're fully able to purchase the item at Macy's?

Lol i don't understand. Oh well.


Even though Kohl's prints their own tags on merchandise, the MSRP listed on the tag is indeed the manufacturer's price before Kohl's discounted it. Anonymous is correct. Some of you need to get a clue!


Anom, Just so you know Kohl's prints there own MSRP/list price on heir price tags. Take a look sometime.

These are not the manufacturers tags.ANd they do change prices for betterment to Kohls. Take to your attorney general for false/deceptive advertising


The manufacturer sets the original price. If it were the same model the original price would have been the same for both items. You are in the wrong here, not Kohl's.


Lol you know it wasnt the same model. You wanted the more expensive model.


stop crying and buy it at macys

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