I saw a pair of Skecher Shape Ups at my local Kohls for $79.99 while shopping with my mom a few days ago. I don't normally shop at Kohl's because I always thought their prices were too high, but I'd had some good luck with them in the last few months, so that's why we were there.

I wanted the shoes, but since cash is tight these days, I put off buying them for a few days to think it over and do some price comparisons. My mom made some purchases and got $20 in Kohls cash, which she didn't plan to use and passed on to me. I was pretty excited because that would make the shoes only $59.99. When I returned today to buy the shoes, the price had gone up to $109.99 and a new sign was posted next to the shoes, listing the previous price and saying that it was only valid until 2 days ago. If they can afford to cut $50 of the price of an item ($30 off on sale plus $20 in Kohls cash), then what is the *real* price of the shoes??

I asked two employees in the store (a cashier and a customer service manager) if it was at all possible to get the price from 2 days before and was told that they couldn't do it unless I could bring in an ad from another store showing the exact same shoe for a lower price and they would match it. However, they told me that I could come back at 3pm when "Power Hours" started to see if the price came back down because they didn't know which shoes would be going on sale. It's all so arbitrary and annoying!!

Just offer people the best price you can and stop jerking customers around, Kohls!!

P.S. I bought the exact same shoes for $71.00 (less than Kohl's so called sale price) on Amazon with free shipping. It will be a long time before I set foot in a Kohls again!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kohls Cashier.

Location: Medford, Oregon

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I actually work at kohl's, and and kc2 is right the prices are constantly changing, unless we are the price change people we have no idea until we see the price ring up at the register. We are also more then happy to do a price ajustment, AFTER you purchase them.

You can come in up to a week later and tell them you want a price adjustment. We will NOT change the price because you wanted to wait and use your coupon.

By the way, all the prices go up when we have good coupons out, the price in the end is pretty much the same. Thats why there are little to no coupons out on Black Friday.


Instead of acting like a eight year old third grader you should have bought them before. They were on sale that week you lost out so you are a SOL.

I am sure they won't miss you since you are too childisha nd impatient to wait till 3pm.

They did not now which shoes would be on sale because the sale comes from headquarters. Maybe you really are eight if you don't know this.


i would like to know who i can and how to return a pair of sketchers shape ups that i bought about a yesr ago. i do not wear them everyday due to i have two other pairs.

i purchased from kohls. the problem is tho right sneaker opened at the seam on top of the sneaker. i would like to know how i can get in touch with the manufactures so i can get some kind os satisatifaction, i paid one hundred and ten dollars for them. thank you .

mrs . barbara reed cell number is 631 553 ****


Sales at Kohl's are ALWAYS changing. If you want a price adjustment, and ask nicely and aren't rude about it, they HAVE to give you the price adjustment.

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