Kohl's Price gouges and has the customers pay for the discount. I purchased a watch at Kohl's for $24.99 and it was on sale for 25% off. Well when I got home and took the watch out of the Box the price attached to the watch was $19.99.

I then called Kohl's to let them know and was told by Tanya Jackson the so

called manager that she couldn't help it if someone put the watch back in the wrong box. I then told her that was not the case the watch was attached to the box. She then told me she recieved a letter telling them they had to sell the watch for the higher price.

She then told me that I could bring the watch back to get my money back but that I could not get a refund for the difference because she has to sell it for the higher price then proceeded to laugh at me.

Well then I decided to take back the watch and the skirt I purchased for a refund. When I got back to the store she called Loss Prevention on me. Which I thought was for shop lifters.

My husband tried to talk to her and she told him to shut up and to stay out of it because it was between her and me. I looked at her and David Burroughs the loss and prevention person and told them I would never shop there again. Tanya said I don't need your business or your friends.

David then told me that when I was done with my refund that I needed to leave I was trespassing. I just laughed and said what are you going to do. So he called the police on me. When the police arrived and found out what it was about they just laughed and pretty much stated that they waisted their time.

I have never felt more humiliated and treated like a criminal than I did that day in front of my husband and 10 year old daughter and all the employees and customers that came to watch. All over what Kohl's is doing.

It was at Kohl's #1055 in Morristown Tn. I have made several calls and have sent e-mails and have had no response from anyone. This took place on July 9 2010.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kohls Manager.

Location: Troy, Michigan

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Hmmm. Sounds like a missed mark up to me. See, kohls has this really weird way of making up for cheap customers. They under budget their labor. Then they bring in understaffed labor to work overnights. These are usually under paid people who are used to working early in the morning rather than late at night. So, the end result is what you experienced.

Imagine if you will 6 disgruntled associates walking around in a coma when they are used to being in bed, being harassed by a manager to markup 6000 pieces of merchandise in an 7 hour shift while the manager sits in the office doing nothing.

Now here comes mr ignorant customer who never had to work retail in his life. Maybe doesn't work at all, and just collects welfare. Comes into the store and sees a little price on the front of the box that says 19.99 but the large lable on the underside says 24.99. OMG i have them now! They forgot to peal off the sticker on the front. I want gas and pain and suffering!

Kohls=poor ignorant trash who think they are high class + under paid overworked and harassed employees= failure.

Next time, go to a real jewelry store and pay 500 dollars for a watch. I promise you will get the best customer service. Words of wisdom, you get what you pay for.


Soooooo let me get this straight. .

. she said you could come back in and get your money back. Then when you came back in they called the cops? Just like that?

I'd like to hear the REAL side to THIS story.

You are psycho! I feel bad for those people that they had to deal with you lol


I live about 10 minutes from that mall/store and I have shopped there MANY times and have never had a problem with the employees at Kohl's. The worst experience I've had was having a teenager ring my order up while talking to another teenager working the next register, which really isn't a big deal.

I would really be interested in knowing who you are talking about because I know most of the people in there and I've never noticed any of them being rude.

I think I'll print this out and take it up there so we can have a good laugh. Nice try trying to get attention.


Thanks for sharing. I'm a huge fan of Kohl's and will not step foot in your area store. Being ostacized in front of customers isn't a professional way to approach any situation.


Well if you could read the watch was attached to the inside of the box. But thank you for your input on the matter, and this is all about how Kohl's price gouges and gets away with it.


Right. I'm sure the manager told your husband to shut up.

Even if she had, I'm sure you weren't being too nice, either. I highly doubt that you were just as nice as can be about the situation. You were probably acting like a *** and making a scene. Also, sometimes people look at watches then put them back in the wrong box.

Not the managers fault. Also, I really doubt that the cops actually laughed about the situation, they probably just said there was nothing to do.

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