My boyfriend proposed to me with a beautiful diamond ring from Kohl's, unfortunatly it did not fit so we took it back to get it resized. A few weeks later ( when it was ready ) we went to pick it up.

The ring was missing the diamond and after talking to the manager she said that there was nothing they could do about it and that I could pick out another ring of the same value. I then explained to her that this was the ring he picked for me and the ring that he PROPOSED to me with and that I wanted that exact ring. The manager was very rude and didnt seem to care for there customers feelings. So after all that are only options were to keep the original ring with the missing diamond or pick some thing of the same value.

Needless to say I picked out another ring, but I AM PISSED!!!!!!!!! I will never shop at Kohl's again and warn everyone to not get jewelry resized or anything else of that nature from their.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kohls Ring.

Monetary Loss: $575.

Location: Houston, Texas

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Paid 5000 for a ring that lost a diamond they said because it had been a year they wouldn't replace it. they


My fiancé let me pick out a ring because we had been talking about getting married for awhile. I didn't want him to have to a pay a fortune so I picked an inexpensive ring out at Kohls during one of their big jewelry sales.

Three weeks later the stone fell out. No problem, we have our receipt. Unfortunately, they did not have another ring like the one we picked out. She called around to the other stores and no one had that ring.

We were given the option to return in and get what we paid for it or find another ring at the same exact price. There was not another ring for the same price. After looking around, I find another ring that I like and decide to pay the difference. The clerk goes through the process of returning the original ring.

As she is about to ring up the new one, she notices it too is missing a stone. Yes, I picked out rings on the lower end of the price scale, but it was still a nearly $600 ring. We went to Kay's Jewelry after that and bought a ring.

I was very disappointed in the quality of merchandise at Kohls. My Kay's ring wasn't much more, but it has lasted much longer.


That's what happens when you buy jewelry in a department store rather than a jewelry store. Buy you jewelry in a store that has on-site jewelry that can re-size and repair your jewelry.


They could have sent the ring back to the ring sizing company and had the stone replaced. It was their fault not Kohl's.

I hope you weren't rude when you brought the ring with the missing stone in. A customer's attitude plays a role in an associate's.

Treat others as you'd like to be treated. Kindness goes father than rudeness.


My boyfriend got me a ring from kohls for our 6 year anniversary. The diamond is a certified diamond.

I noticed it has a crack in it. I called the kohls store and explained I don't have the receipt anymore but there a crack in the diamond. They said no problem we can exchange it. I brought it in and the same lady told me I new a receipt!

I argued with her that I just talked to her less than 15 min ago. She then called another store to see if they had the exact ring. I went to the other store and asked to look at the ring before I took it. When looking at it under a magnifying glass this ring had a crack in the middle of the diamond too?!

They said they didn't know what to tell me. The manager then said she will try to " special order it" and call me on the weekend. Here it is early Monday morning and the manager never called. I am so upset because it was a $3,000.00 ring and its suppose to be certified but they are all cracked.

Kohls is selling faulty certified rings, so men check the rings before you buy them for the ladies in your life because it sucks to go through this on both of us.

He feels bad ( not his fault) an i feel bad because my ring is broke and my boyfriend is upset. What ever happened to the customer is always right?


you didn't keep the receipt for a 3000 dollar ring? It wasn't purchased with a credit card?


Good to know! My fiance bought me a GORGEOUS ring from Kohls, but is about a half a size too big, so we are going to get it resized.

After reading these comments, I don't think I will bring it to Kohls! Hopefully a different jeweler can do it, even though he didn't buy it from them.


my boyfriend actually got me a ring from kohls for chirstmas this year. It was a 14k gold ring with an amethyst heart shaped stone in it. Needless to say it took about a month or so to get it back and a week after having it the stone fell out, and they told me they couldn't send it back in because there was no "warranty" on it, despite the fact that there was.


Omg love the ex employee who is complaining about the managers not letting their love muffin visit them all day long. No wonder unemployment is so high losers lol


What's up with that *** for real. She knows she can *** a diamon ring for realz


The boyfriend bought me a ring for V-day and when we sent it to be resized they told me 4-6 weeks. I called at week 5 and they said well it's probably more like 6-8 weeks.

They couldn't tell me where they sent it to be resized because they are and "outsource". Needless to say i'm a bit irritated too.


I bought an amethyst ring and the stone fell out four months after purchase! I am surprised more people do not have trouble with Kohls Jewery.


I can sympathize with you. I used to work at Kohl's but quit after the managers began harassing my fiance, because they said she was a "distraction" while I was at work.


I am sorry to hear about your loss. I know how upsetting the loss of the sentimental value can be.

Advice now is like shutting the barn door after the horse it out, but when something has that much value for you (either sentimental or dollar value) you don't bring it somewhere to have it shipped out to a 3rd party location to size the ring. Bring it to a real jeweler and wait for it.

I've been wearing my engagement ring for almost 12 years and my ring has never been out of my sight for more than a few minutes at a time.

Sadly, this is a live and learn experience.

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