This year something has gone horribly wrong with Kohl's fulfillment process. I placed an order on 11/29 and another on 12/2 on kohls.com.

What followed can only be described as hilarious after you calm yourself down of course. After almost a week with both orders showing only in fulfillment I became concerned and called. On three separate calls each with a 45+ minute wait, I was assured I would receive in time for Christmas. One of the items was on the top of the want list and has since sold out everywhere.

I kept being told their standard order processing period is 3-10 business days and orders could not be cancelled during that time and funds would be held. So essentially, Kohl's held me hostage for 12 days until I received an order modification email essentially deleting the item from my order with no explanation. Now, I find I am not alone in this mess. I went on their Facebook page to complain only to find thousands of posts similar to mine and complaints of them deleting people's complaints so I decided to start a Facebook page called "Make Kohl's Care" to preserve their issues and not allow Kohl's to sweep it under the rug!

The stories people have told on our board are nothing short of absolutely horrifying from being charged 12x for the same order, endless fulfillment windows where they have your money on hold, charging you card by providing tracking numbers that go nowhere with packages sitting on Kohl's fulfillment docks. Their initial blaming of severe weather but other retailers having no issues getting packages delivered timely, to then blaming fedEx and UPS (FedEx and UPS are saying they are not receiving the packages), to now blaming overwhelming responses to their holiday promotion that they just can't keep up. Yet, all the while they are advertising on their website guaranteed shipping by Christmas if order placed by Dec.

19th no matter what they say!! Terrible company, and I will not be doing business with them again!

Review about: Kohls Top.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #787297

The SAME thing happened to me. I placed an order on Dec 25 that was promised by 1/8/14...

It was now the beginning of February and nothing has arrived. When I try to track my package, all it would say was "in transit". Each time I've contacted Kohls customer service (both by email and phone) - I was promised different things. I was FINALLY able to get my credit card refunded (after 2 WEEKS OF CALLING/EMAILING THEM)..

However, I had $60 Kohls cash and a $25 gift certificate that I used on that order. I was originally told that the Kohls cash would be mailed to me as merchandise credit. After I haven't received that in the mail, I contacted them AGAIN. I was then told (in an email by their customer service rep), that it won't be mailed to me, but rather, that it will be credited to my card instead.

So - I waited for that. NEVER HAPPENED. I contacted them YET AGAIN. This time, the rep says - congratulations on your order...oh, you have to make an online order and when you do so, reply to this email and we will make an adjustment for you.

I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS - first of all, why would he congratulate me on an order THAT NEVER ARRIVED???!!! why do they KEEP LYING - it is VERY CLEAR that none of them are on the same page about how to handle these issues.

I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED WITH THEM - I have tried to contact corporate but no success yet. I will keep trying.

It's not even about the Kohls cash anymore, but rather, that disgusting way this company has kept lying to me.

I've never before had any issues with any company - especially when this issue is NOT MY FAULT!

It's not my fault that the package NEVER ARRIVED...the very least they can do is refund my money and give me back the Kohls cash and gift card amount that was used.

So frustrated =(

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #763498

I am so impressed and happy you did your own Gacebook page. Have you complained to the federal consumer protection bureau? Have them check your page out too.


I, too, placed an item on 11/29 and it was never fulfilled. My items totaled under $100.

My daughter placed her order 12/04. Same thing.

Several calls to customer service, some emails - even sent an email to the board who passed it on to someone else who offered me a $25.00 gift card and canceled my order for me.

Each call or email to customer service resulted in customer service reps giving me a different answer and saying the CSR before was wrong. They even said they'd ship my order in two days by air - it never happened. Instead they continued to pass the blame on to shipping carriers when, in fact, the orders were never filled to begin with. I fail to see how that is the shipping carrier's fault.

I guess they don't know the difference between shipping and fulfilling.

I've been a loyal Kohls shopper for years - they have some good stuff - but they've lost me as their customer, sadly.

Hello Macy's, I guess... :x


kohls has sucked for a very long time. cloths fall apart.

and the sales are never really sales at all. just coupons

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #762076

Actually what is funny...is that so many of you are shopping on line - then complaining about fulfillment, delays in shipping, or non receipt......wouldn't it have been easier to go to a physical store and walk out with the product?

to LTCC #762293

Kohls has always been able to fulfill online orders within 24 to 48 hours. Last Christmas time my order was placed and delivered to me in 5 days total.

And, no, it's not easier to go into the store where you may have to wait in line for a long time for check out.

SOME of us don't have transportation and Kohls is too far to walk, and way to expensive by cab fare - it would cost me $50 one way for cab fare to get there, I'm not going to pay more for a cab than my order total.

to Ima Momm Billings, Montana, United States #762497

I had always had very good experiences with Kohls online until recently. My current order has been "In Fulfillment" for two weeks.

My credit card has been charged, but I am unable to get any kind of response from Kohls as to when my order will be shipped.

SOmething has changed drastically for the worse with this merchant. Sad.........

to LTCC San Diego, California, United States #763581

Not when you are 90 yrs young as I am. I was counting on them to get the gifts here on time as they said they would. I am VERY disappointed and upset and will not shop at Kohl's again

to LTCC #953029

Only if you live near a store, genius.

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