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I order two 6 pks of compression socks, and when I received my order, it contained two single packs of compression socks. Since the receipt said "two single packs" were sent, I washed them, and waited for the rest of the order to arrive.

When it did not arrive, I went back to the webpage, verified that it said it was a 6-pk of socks, and called customer service. She went to the webpage, checked my order, and then put me on hold for 10 minutes. When she came back, she said that I could return the sock to my local store for a full refund. I said I'd rather have my order filled, and she kept saying that I could return the order for a full refund.

When I asked how Kohls could place a price on their website and not honor it, she said I could return the socks for a full refund. I gave up, wrote a review about exactly what happened, and received an e-mail telling me my review had been rejected because it discussed customer service. I revised the review to state "the website said it was a 6-pk, and I only received one. Kohl's refused to honor their advertisement".

I received an E-mail from a member of the "social care team", informing me that my second review was also rejected, and that " I was unable to locate on where these socks are shown sold in a six pack", telling me that I had made a mistake, and that I was welcome to return the socks for a full refund. I sent her a screenshot of their website showing that they were still advertising the socks as a 6-pk, as well as a copy of my order stating that I had ordered a 6-pk. She wrote back, thanked me for bringing this to their attention (as, obviously, my earlier phone the week before had apparently not brought this to anyone's attention), said they were working on it and assured me that I could return the socks for a refund. What a colossal waste of time.

I was already angry at Kohls for the bait and switch, but to have a customer service rep harass me because of my review, tell me I'm wrong, admit that I'm right, and then repeat that the only recourse is to return the socks is infuriating. What a bunch of idiots.

Review about: Kohls Website.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Product reviews are for reviewing the product, not completely unrelated issues. Your "review" had nothing to do with the socks.

Obviously there was some mix-up and you were sent the one pair instead of the six pack. Mistakes happen. You can return the items and get a full refund.

You have some serious issues if this infuriates you. People have real problems to deal with.

to Anonymous #1281536

You must work for Kohl's. My product review was to prevent other people from falling for the bait and switch, but your company clearly didn't want them to know about that.

And, I said in my review, that irritated me, but that's over. What infuriated me was the E-mail from the so-called "social care team member" telling me that she was "unable to find" either my order or the incorrect information on the website, that I was wrong, and should return the socks. I sent her a screenshot of the webpage she couldn't find, as well as the order she couldn't find. So basically, Kohl's has a team in incompetent nincompoops who harass already irritated customers to incorrectly tell them they're wrong because they can't navigate their own website.

What's the point? I suggest they hire competent customer service reps and maybe a website literate person or two to avoid these issues.

to Anonymous #1284176

"You must work for Kohl's." Just because someone is teaching you how a review works doesn't mean they work for that company. I understand how reviews work as well, so I MUST BE working at Kohl's.

If there is an issue, you put it up with Kohl's. Mistakes happen and they will resolve it the best they can. Realize also that even if a mistake happens online for pricing for some products, they might not be able to honor that price as that might be against their contract with that brand. I don't work for Kohl's but I understand this.

Maybe because I am a good customer that understands how the system works. Maybe you should do your research.

Manton, Michigan, United States #1280509

Kohl"s does not know how to handle the customer

When the adage came that the customer is always right. The companies do not seem to know

.. It is also said that the buyer beware when shopping.

to Anonymous #1281591

Please go learn English.

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