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On December 25th 2010, my then boyfriend proposed to me. The ring was beautiful, a bit big but beautiful.

I got compliments on it daily. However, when we did decide to re-size it, they told us we couldn't do to it being sterling silver. They said we could return it for 10% of the ring's original price. Yeah, what the *** ever about that return policy Kohl's.

But I understood, that was my fiance's fault for not doing his homework. So then when a diamond on my five diamond engagement ring was lost all of the sudden, we opted not to return to Kohl's due to their awful return policy. We went to a local jeweler (Simmon's Fine Jewelry) and they were shocked that we paid as much as we did for CUBIC ZIRCONIUM. $600 that was meant for a "diamond" engagement ring thrown to utter waste.

My fiance swears on his life it said diamonds, which I'm inclined to believe him, since most of the "diamond" jewelry there is dirt cheap. I wish I could complain to corporate but as soon as we found out it was a fake, we realized they KEPT THE RECEIPT! So Kohl's is not only a giant ***, they have horrible customer service too. The lady at the other jewelry store felt terrible that they did this to us.

BUYER BEWARE: first off, if you're buying from Kohl's for jewelry, you probably have NO clue about diamonds in the first place. Second, do not spend more than $20 there because really, that's all you need to spend there. OR BETTER YET DON'T SUPPORT THEM AT ALL. No, the manager wasn't contacted, because I'm a manager myself and I know that complaints only go so far.

They can't fix my utter disappointment that I don't have a real ring. They can't fix a lot of things that went wrong in this process because that's how they are doing business. They'll be going out of business because of dissatisfaction of people like me.

And that day is when I'll be satisfied. Bottom line, do not buy from Kohl's "diamond" department, it may be cheap but it's not worth the trouble that a real jewelry store can fix.

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Does kohls sell fake diamonds is really the issue


As someone who had worked in the Kohls jewelry department for 7 years starting in 2010, they have a very laxed return policy. Even without a receipt there are multiple options: they could have done a lookup of the item on the card it was purchased on and if that was unsuccessful they could have given you a store credit.

Also, they could have even exchanged it at no cost to you. I also don't believe the sales representative went out of their way to keep your receipt, so to act as if that was the case is ridiculous. Kohls motto is "yes we can" so if they can help you, they will! Also, if anyone is wondering when getting a ring sized it can only be done for gold rings over $100.

The sizing can be one size up or down and it will take 4-6 weeks.

The ring has to be sent out to one kohls jeweler location and once it is sized, and sent back, they give you a call. The other option is just order your correct size online.


What *** would think they were getting those huge "diamonds" for 600$...that should have been your first clue that they weren't real. Duh.


Bought an adorable “sterling silver “ low grade diamond encrusted chihuahua pendant at Kohl’s for 90.00$. Recently bought a jewelers magnet.

All my scrap sterling silver or second hand jewelry that I bought at scrap dealers, goodwills and consignment shops were estate and quality jewelry. Department store jewelry is a gamble because of overseas markets selling to American retailers who want to save money and increase sales. Half the time the sales department probably doesn’t even know that they’re buying wholesale junk jewelry with .925 and other precious metal stamps slapped on a cheap piece of plated metal and glass. Suggestions to anyone out there!

Go look for jewelers or coin dealers who buy and sell scrap silver and gold.

Go to consignment shops and even antique stores! Especially if you want to get something for that someone special.


i swear i thought it was a dimond booboo!!

Zion, Illinois, United States #1313031

So you start by writing a review and move on to criticize future buyers telling them "you probably have NO clue about diamonds in the first place". I think thats you reflecting on your poorly informed or "budget minded fiancé.

Word of advice, if you want attention on a review stick to the facts and don't be pretentious to your audience!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1272333

Obviously your fiancé knowingly bought cubic zirconium hoping you would never find out. If you knew anything about diamonds, you would know that the ring in the picture would cost WAY more than $600 - if it were real diamonds.

Naples, Florida, United States #1268036

Let me please inform you people. When you get a diamond 'cheap' anywhere but a pawn shop, please understand you are either getting a cubic or a crappy diamond.

Diamonds are NOT cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$600 bucks for that ring, which would clearly have been stamped 925 on the inside (which is the code for silver), with flat, sparkly stones would have been a clear indication that those were not diamonds. Now, yes, diamonds, if they are clean, are sparkly.

But if you take a bit of time to learn something, you can pick out a diamond from any other stone by sight. Get yourself a loupe and learn to use it, and you can get even better at it.

The fact that your man bought that ring for $600 should have clued you in.

And it is ALWAYS: buyer beware.

Blacklick, Ohio, United States #1267135

I just got a ring for Christmas from there and yet two weeks later two of the diamonds fell out


whew i was going to kohls tonight to get jewlery for my wife. moving on to next store

Galt, California, United States #1253707

Lol, I think the boy friend knew he was buying cubic zirconia and lied to cover his cheap ***!!!

Frackville, Pennsylvania, United States #1243098

I bought a ring from Kohls and one of the diamond's fell out 7 months later. I took it back and I was told they would replace it if it was for the same price and same brand, but if I wanted something different they would give me a discount of 15%. I found one like it and the lady was very nice and I will continue to shop there.

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1239764

"No, the manager wasn't contacted, because I'm a manager myself and I know that complaints only go so far."

You're a bad manager.


My husband bought me a ring from kohls.com. we got 720 kohls cash that I could never use because they said the kohls cash was duplicate and they would not honor it.

I am still fighting this....beware. kohls is nothing but fraud.

Williamsburg, Virginia, United States #1080866

Yes I just went to Kohls and almost bought a ring until they said they could only resize one size up or down and couldnt even give a date. Left without the ring decided they really didnt want my money anyway with stipulations on it and couldnt provide a timeline as a jeweler would most certainly. They should only be in the costume jewelry business for sure.

Georgetown, Texas, United States #909749



I'm not sure what location your boyfriend purchased the ring... But I have the same ring and it was never displayed as a diamond ring...

Also, it was only $150, not $600. Boyfriend lied...

Los Angeles, California, United States #888325

Just happened to do the magnet test on stamped 14k jewelry from Kohls and found out the gold is fake. I bought is a few years ago so I can't take it back now but I will never buy from them again.

Buyer Beware!!!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #754233

I have worked in the fine jewelry industry for several years; from Boston Store to Macys to Jared's to Kessler's and have extensive training in the appraisal of diamonds, gold, silver, etc... In fact I am also a pawnbroker, who specializes not only in determining whether jewelry pieces are real/fake, but I examine the pieces and assign them a value based in the cut, color, clarity, and weight. Basically, I know sh*t...and the quality of the jewelry at Kohls is THE SAME as you'll find anywhere else - they have some very nice pieces. BUT sh*t happens....just like anything else in life, things break, fall apart, etc...unfortunately it sounds like you just happened to end up with a ring that wasn't as sturdy or crafted in the same standard as the ring next to it. Like I said, sh*t happens! I am sorry to hear this happened to you; although I don't know you, as a fine jewelry expert, I am hear to tell you it is quite common for a diamond to come loose in it's setting. A good jewelry store or jeweler will replace it for you free of charge. I don't know Kohls policy on this but you gotta tell your man to do his research.

And to all you haters out there saying this woman's boyfriend was deliberately trying to buy her a crappy ring, you're all bogus and completely wrong, because Kohls has the same standards as any other fine jewelry store. Gonna let you in on a little secret: ITS ALL


HOWEVER, ppl get ripped off all the time because they don't know what the *** they are doing; they don't know how to tell a diamond from cubic zirconia or moissanite, or gold plated vs. solid gold. If you get ripped, it's really your own *** fault. There are a few simple tests you should do EVERY TIME you shop for jewelry, and a couple tools you must equip yourself with when shopping for fine jeweley as well.

1) The Magnet Test

- Bring a magne from your fridge to the store. Any magnet will do. Lay the jewelry flat on the counter and hold the magnet above it, along the side of it, etc. IF IT STUCKS TO TGE MAGNET IT IS NOT REAL GOLD OR IS JUST GOLD PLATED, which is just poor quality. Simple. Easy. Always accurate.

2) Look for Markings

- Bring a small magnifying glass and examine the piece. Look for 14K, 10K, etc..also

more often than not, you will see other letters, numbers, etc. Google them and it will tell you about the manufacturer and info about the piece.

3) Look Closely at Diamonds

- Again, use the magnifying glass and check out the diamond. If you can see a bunch if colors reflecting in the light, it's cubic zirconia. ALSO, real diamonds have to "breathe" and so there should be small holes in each individual setting; if the "diamond" is simply sitting on top of the band and you cannot see holes under the band, they aren't real and they are just stones glued onto a band. You can also purchase a diamond testing device which will tell you immediately if it's fake or real.

4) Interrogate the Jeweler

- Ask about cut, quality, clarity. Ask them to perform tests in front of you (a good jeweler will have all the proper equipment). Ask if it's gold plated or solid gold (same thing with sterling silver). And ask them to weigh the piece in front of you. If they can't answer you questions or are stuttering or won't perform tests, they are most likely bullsh*tting you, trying to rip you off, or are just idiots in which case you don't wanna buy from them anyway.


to TrinaV #865561

Hi, I see you are in Milwaukee. I actually got an amazing engagement ring from Kohls.

And two years later is still good. Do you recommend any place in Milwaukee that I can go to to get it cleaned?

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