I had to return 3 Christmas gifts, incorrect sizes, that had been purchased at a Kohl's dept store. Their return policy states: "A Kohl's Merchadise Credit will be issued for the value of your Return".

What they fail to tell you is that they will be charging you a 15% transaction fee for each item. No where in the store, online or anywhere else does Kohl's tell you this. I found out the hard way. Because of the "transaction fee" I lost the value of 1 of my gifts.

I returned 3 items, but was only given the value of 2 of them in store credit. All I wanted to do was exchange them or purchase something of the same value but a different brand. What makes matters worse, is that these items were purchased using a Kohl's charge card.

So not only did I lose out on a gift, I am also having to pay for the 3rd item anyway. If Koh'l had this policy posted or noted, it would be adifferent story, but they don't and you do not know it until it's too late.

Location: Reston, Virginia

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I had the same experience. Unhappy!!


I spent 108 at Kohls and they only refunded me 74.


I am equally pissed by this 15% transaction fee that I was charged on 2 returned items in NJ. If I knew I would have kept one of the items.

I lost $6.00 which I noticed only when I examined the return slip at home. I was not aware of the "Transaction fee" charge which is nowhere to be found until you are hit by it and I am very upset about it.


The same thing happened to me.. I am not positive but I believe Massachusetts law says that a store's return policy MUST be posted in a prominent way. If anyone is so inclined this could be brought to the attention of the Attorney General's office/


I ordered items online and then 3 of them did not fit. I went to the store to return them and buy more clothes and did not get the full amount that I paid online because of the transaction fee.

They didn’t used to charge that fee. It is ridiculous and I will definitely not ever buy anything there without knowing for sure that they fit.


You're all correct! Fast forward to July 2018: I was out of town and purchased an item at Kohl's for $59.99 on one VISA credit card (no coupons or Kohl's cash used).

When I returned home, I purchased another of the same item at my local Kohl's for $50.98 on a different VISA credit card (no coupons or Kohl's cash used). At first, I thought my local Kohl's was selling the same item for less, until a couple of weeks later when I returned both items to my local store. When I got home and looked at the credit receipt, I saw the Trans Disc "charge" for the second purchase, but not for the first purchase. After googling "why" and reading this blog, I looked at my two original receipts.

On my first receipt ($59.99) there was no mention of a discount. On my second receipt ($50.98), they must have been having a 15% off promotion that day, because "Total Off Offer 15%" ($9.01) appeared below the sales price ($59.99), resulting in the $50.98 payment (and credit). So I did, indeed, get the same money back that I paid for both.

Given this confusion, I would recommend to Kohl's that the customer version of the credit receipt NOT show the original sales price and discount. Just print the discounted price paid so as not to confuse and anger your customers unnecessarily.


I also just returned two items I purchased online with my Kohl's card and as I was putting the receipts up I noticed the return fee charged. That's it, I will not purchase anymore from Kohl's. I'm done.


I had exactly the same thing happen. I am appalled.

I was about to place an online order when I realized what they had done.

If something doesn't work out, fit, or for any reason must be returned, you're out the money anyway. I don't believe I will shop at Kohl's again and it wasn't even on a Kohl's charge card.


Kohl's should not be thought of as department store... They are financial institution.

The Bank of Kohl's SUCKS. Will be shredding that card ASAP


Exactly i just returned 2 items and was charged that 15% which is absolutely ridiculous then asked the lady she said oh your still getting back what u should, no I'm not i lost a few bucks there, unfair


Sorry, but I also am agreeing with the original post. I just returned an item for $29.99, and had my original receipt showing NO discounts whatsoever!

When it was returned, I was charged a "transaction discount" of $3.88, and only received a credit of $26.11. What I'm not understanding is how this amount was calculated. It appears to be only a 12.9% fee.

Regardless, nowhere in their return discount policy does it reference this fee. Sounds like a class action law suit in the works.


I worked for Kohl's for nearly 10 years and they DO NOT charge you a transaction fee when you return merchandise. If you used a 15% percent discount when you made a purchase, then that discount also comes off each item you return.

It is NOT a fee. As a former employee, I should know.


There is absolutely no fee I have returned plenty of things they will however say you earned 10 in kohls cash and used it then you will get back 20 instead of 30 and 90% of the time people at the kohls I go to give you a coupon regardless so EVERYONE CLAIMING THERE IS A RETURN FEE IS AN ABSOLUTE DUMAS GO TROLL SOMEWHERE ELSE


I just returned something that ended up being too big for my son. No Kohl's cash was used during the original purchased and I was charged a 15% return fee.

So, Fudecakes, you are incorrect and the only dumb *** (please learn to spell b/c DUMAS is wrong) and troll here happens to be you.



Just returned a top today my receipt says Price 11.99



looks like a return fee to me.


Just went into my local Kohls store in NJ earlier today to return several items. The items were bought without using any promotional discounts, Kohls cash, Kohls charge card etc.

I was charged the transaction fee that was deducted from each item. So yes it does happen and no I will not be shopping there again.


I just returned clothing that I paid for using my Kohl's charge card. The amound I paid was $29.99.

One would reason that I would receive $29.99 back + tax.

Instead I received a transaction discount of $6.00 or 20% less than I paid. I am cancelling my account and never doing business with them again!


@20 percent, look at the bottom of your original receipt above the total you paid. You will see that you had a 20 percent coupon you used when you purchased the item.

That is why the 20% comes off of the return. You got back exactly what you paid.


I just returned some items to Kohl's. I didn't have Kohl's cash, coupons, etc.

There is a 15% transaction discount. So don't say I got exactly what I paid --- I DID NOT


I work at kohls and there is no transaction fee. If you used a percent discount or a coupon that will come off your return amount.

If you earned Kohls cash and your return takes it under the amount it takes to earn it then the Kohls csh will be voided out.

If the return takes it under the qualifying amount and you have used your Kohls cash they will deduct it from your refund. If they didn't then people would buy things and return them just to get the Kohls cash.

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