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This program is a scam............if you forget or one day past the expiration date you are screwed. Even the store manage will not help you.

No one is perfect and you only give the person a week to use this Khol's Cash or else you lose it. WOW! should be called Kohl's sick joke cash. They will not honor it nor will corporate.

They don't care about accuses you may have. They play the odds, you will forget and your cash is no good. I will never go to Khol's to shop again, just because of the attitude they have. There are plenty of stores out there.

You might think you are losing only one customer but they do add up.

I hope your store goes under and all the people you ripped off will never miss ya. Notice the amount.......could that be why they will not help me...

Product or Service Mentioned: Kohls Cash Rewards Program.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $140.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Manger-cheryl was not very nice nor helpful.

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Listen. You didn't forget for one day.

You forgot for two months!

You get a 10 day grace period which is more than nice!

It's not the $140

It's two months over due!

It's your fault.

Your mistake.

Grow up and be responsible for yourself. Stop acting like a child and learn from this mistake of yours.


Agree with the other comments below. Coupons have expiration dates for a reason.

You sound like one of those "I'll get my way" types.

You said the manager was not nice and say everyone at Kohl's has "attitudes." You probably pitched a fit like a little kid in candy store, which is why the manager was not nice to you. Learn to take responsibility and stop trying to think the dates on coupons should revolve around your OWN schedule.


Are you kidding? So YOU either didn't read the date on the coupon, forgot to use it or deliberately used it late and you expect them to honor it?

Good grief.

Coupons have expiration dates for a reason. This is your problem and I'm certain Kohls is just fine losing you as a customer.


Yeah, you didn't lose any money. That was a COUPON, not cash.

Also, as other posters have noted, there is a grace period of 10 days after expiration to use it.

Just get your stuff, go to a register, and hand it over. Done.

to CyberTychoBrahe #1360009

Not all stores honor the grace period. Out stores here in west Tennessee will NOT honor them past the expiration day even if one day

to Tina E #1413465

The Jackson, Tennessee, Kohls is in West TN and does honor Kohl's cash after its expiration. I don't know how long they will do that, but I have used mine a day or two late.

This applies to instore purchases only, not online. I have found the employees at the Jackson, TN Kohls to be very courteous and accomodating.

Maybe they would react differently to someone coming in there with unreasonable demands. As we say in the south, "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar," which simply means BE NICE and you have a better chance of getting what you want.


"............if you forget or one day past the expiration date you are screwed." Duh. Why should they give you anything for a coupon past the expiration date? That is YOUR responsibility not Kohls.


Just another case of not taking responsibility for your own actions; people want something for nothing these days.


Get over yourself. The expiration date is clearly printed.

It is YOUR responsibility to use it before it expires. You're right, they DON'T care about your excuses, so keep your mouth shut and move on!


Green Kohl's cash is good 10 days after the expiration date. Even states that when you call the Kohl's.com.

The blue Kohl's cash you receive when you return an item(s) that you purchased with green Kohl's cash is good for 30 days from the date you received.

Just ask them to scan your coupon (that is what it is - a coupon). If it works great, if not what did you have to lose.

to Anonymous #1355023

I went straight to customer service because at that time it was 3 days past the expiration date. The manager refused to honor it and told me to call corporate due to the amount.

That made 6days. And they refused to honore it. Don't how where you get that kind of info but I was totally treated like nothing could or will be done.

Too bad for me. Maybe cause I was an old lady

to Anonymous #1355491

ive noticed that when ppl(customers) dont get their way---empl's are rude

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