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I bought a few items online. One of them was a pair of simply Vera wang fleece lined leggings which arrived with a small hole at the bottom of the zipper.

I went to the closest store since their “hassle-free” returns states you CMS return items at any store. After waiting for 15 minutes in a super long line I was told that the store registers don’t even have a return button, so they don’t process returns. That’s unheard of! I have reached out to customer service via chat 4 times and every time it takes at least 30 minutes of back and forth with them asking for more and more information.

The first person said that she would email me a shipping label, and never did. 48 hours later I went through the same experience. Then the System “froze” and I was basically disconnected. I went through this one mor time.

This person said that they will email me information within 24 hours of and “agent” who would come and pick up the item. 48 hours later, here I am with nothing. No email, no response, no way of returning their garbage merchandise. Kohls does not care about the customers one bit!

I can’t believe how dismissive of customer their policies are.

I guess they are in the business of stealing our money and there is nothing we can do about it. Frustrating!

Review about: Vera Wang Simply Vera Leggings.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Agree with the other comment below. You likely stood in line at the checkouts, which are for purchases only and not returns.

Did you not bother to ask the cashier you went to where you needed to go in the store for returns? Did it also not occur to you that when you walk into a store and need to make a return, you can walk up to any associate or cashier and simply ask where you need to take you return to?


Hello! You can only return items at the customer service desk at Kohl's.

There is not usually a long line at the customer service desk. Odds are good that you probably stood in line at the regular checkouts and the regular checkouts cannot do returns. There is a 100% chance that you could take your unwanted item back to the nearest Kohl's, and if you go to the customer service desk, and if you are friendly, they will happily return it for you. If you are not friendly, they will still do your return, although probably not happily.

Oh! Don't forget your invoice that came in the shipment!

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