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I bought a Keurig that broke about a week later. I returned it in the store.

They didn't give me the full refund. They didn't offer to replace it for me. I messaged Kohl's. Customer service rep said they would send a replacement.

I waited and waited. Finally I called customer service. They said they would not send a replacement. They were going to recharge me for a *** Keurig.

I told them I had pictures of the conversation and the customer service rep basically called me a liar. That is when I hung up. I will not allow a company to treat me with such disrespect.

I have bought many items since I opened up an account there and this was the first one I had to return. I will be closing my account with this business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kohls Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $70.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Sales.

I didn't like: Customer service or the refund policy.

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Since you didn't mention in your complaint whether or not you returned the broken Keurig with a receipt, you would have gotten a refund for the actual amount you paid for it with a receipt. You most likely used a coupon and/or Kohl's Cash at the time of your purchase.

Without a receipt, you would have been given a refund for the lowest selling price that particular Keurig would have been over the past 13-week timeframe. Additionally, if you were not offered a replacement, it's possible the particular Keurig was out-of-stock or may have been discontinued.


To: Kohl's Garbage I am aware of that feeling. When i was going into one of the locations.

I was buying an few gift sets for people! I went too the makeup counter into the store. As soon as i walked too where the sets were, an employee named, Ginger, asked mean and nasty, "What do you want?" "I'm busy." After that comment, I am still trying too be nice too her and asked her, (even after the attitude) "Hi. How are you?" "I'm hoping you're enjoying your day.

I want too buy one of the gifts sets from the store. You guys got good makeup sets. "I'm buying gifts for my friends." Ginger: "Makeup Sets."" Which Brand?" I gave her the name. She was staring and rolling her eyes.

"Are you kidding me?" That is something only an... and an... wears! I would not be wearing this shade.

It's too ugly and disgusting just like the people who wear it. " While, I am not the only customer and the employee hearing this. They did not do anything too step in. Some of them were laughing.

I'm sorry but when is racial profiling okay and something too laugh about? The manager comes up too the where the make up sets are. At this time, i am ticked off. The manager, Gregg, asked while the fact i am turning red, "Is everything okay?" I am like, "No." "Since when you let your employees turn out too be like Mac employees?" "You know i stopped shopping at Mac because of this exact reason.

I came hear too be treated with respect. I did not come here too be hated with disrespect!" The manager, Gregg apologized. "I'm so sorry about your bad experience with our store." "We don't want too loose you an customer." "What am i able too do too make this up? I am like, "You need too get ride of Ginger.

You should see the way see treat her employees and her customers. It's employees that are like this that need too not be working in retail.

to Anonymous Pretty 2018 #1551835

Your comment/complaint sounds very "shady" and fabricated at best. What gave it away is that you decided to being race into it like you're "entitled" or something.

Perhaps "Ginger" (if that really was her name) was trying to be honest with you and letting you know whatever gift sets you had your eye on weren't all that great and up to par. I highly doubt "Ginger" was being THAT rude. If "Ginger" was busy, then why did you feel it necessary to tell her you hoped she was enjoying her day instead of just getting to the point and explaining what you were there for?

Associates are not there to become your BFF. I'm not buying your story.

to YouDontNeedToKnow #1552424

To: Anonymous: YouDon'tNeedTooKnow. Clearly you were not there when the customers was.

Maybe the customer waited until she was done with what she was done with, or thought she was done. All stores should know customers are number 1. And clearly nobody should be racist against anybody. Yes there are plenty of people who do and don't lie about racism and act like they are or are not always right.

No customer or employee should be mean and rude too each other. If you're going too throw judgments without knowing the story without you being there, then please stop commenting!

to Anonymous Sweets For Me 18 #1558946

To: Anonymous Sweets For Me 18 and Anonymous Pretty 2018 This is an review site. People are allowed too comment too see how they please.

Just because someone is an customer does not mean they are always right.

I have seen so many mean and nasty customers treats some many sweet and nice employees that get treated like crap. Clearly Anonymous Sweets For Me 18 and Anonymous Pretty, think they are entitled.

to Anonymous Sweets For Me 18 #1563457

To: Anonymous Sweets For Me 18. I think I am the employee that Anonymous Pretty is talking about.

I'm saying if i am this employee he or she is talking about is so full of it. I love all of my customers and employees. I am an down too earth and friendly person. My name is Gretchen Lynn.

I am always called by my nickname "Ginger." Let's just say, i am always having crazy stories from crazy customers. The customers that think that they are entitled or something. This story sounds like it was switched around and something that had happened too me while i was working at Kohl's. i came across an couple.

I asked them if they needed help. They said they needed help with the makeup sets. So i told them what work for the person they are buying for. They had an problem with their kohl's coupons.

They were using the wrong coupons for the wrong products. Then out of nowhere they were being mean and nasty too the manager and then too the other employees and mangers, basically screaming and shouting at the manager who did not or cannot override it. One of the most sweetest manager, Craig, he always goes out of his ways for his customers and employees, Craig said, "You know. I'm so sorry about this.

We cannot do this override this because it is the wrong override for the wrong product." The mean and nasty couple telling us personal things about their personal lives that we don't need too hear. The mean and nasty couple: "No. No. No.

You're going too take these coupons. And were's going too the things were buying." Craig, "Well. We have an sale going on. We are able too find something for you..." The couple asked me if i am able too override.

I told them "No. I'm sorry. I am not able too override anything. I am going too need an manager's approval." The customers said, "Here's what you're going too do, you're going too walk your sweet and your flat a...

and you're going too override it. I am able too say,I am able too take things in and let things go, but when i have had enough, i have had enough when people act like this., At this point, i am pissed off. "Excuse me?" The customers were kicked out of the store. While they were rolling their eyes and throwing tantrums.

The Husband: "Cant' you see were are too busy being ticked off?" The Wife: "Just leave us alone. So we are able too leave this company." "We are never going too back here ever again." While they were leaving. They were the ones being rude and arrogant, treating the employees and the managers like crap. I'm hoping that Anonymous Sweets For Me And Anonymous Pretty have growing up too do.

They really need too learn the customer is not always right. Just because they think they are! This is the advice I am offering people.

Please treat others with respect if you want too be treated with respect. It's not an good look onto anybody too be mean and nasty.

to Anonymous Sweets For Me 18 #1629895

To: Anonymous Sweets For Me Cleary nobody has taught you and educated you that there are plenty of entitled people that lie and fabricate things. Entitled people need too stop playing the race and entitlement cards.

They need too understand the rules and the policies before they do this. People are able too tell when people are fabricating and lying. And that gives the people the right too confront and too call out the entitled people.

No, the customer is not always right. You're just mad and angry because people are calling you out for defending the entitled people.

to YouDontNeedToKnow #1624792

To: YouDon'tNeedTooKnow Let's see this happen too you and nobody believes you when you are racially profiled. As an employee or an customer.

Yes there are customers that are not always right. But there are also employees that are not always right. Clearly you don't seem too understand that! i'm starting too think that your brain and education does not work too understand that no customer or employee should be screamed at.

I know that is an public form, and you're entitled too your opinion, but please learn too be nice too others, instead of acting like an mean and nasty jerk too others.

That's all you're doing. Grow Up!

to Anonymous Grim 2019 #1625087

To: Anonymous Grim Entitled customers deserve too be told off and confronted. Clearly you don't work into retail. Looks like you're stuck onto stupid!

to Anonymous Grim 2019 #1627029

To: Anonymous Grim Wow. So much hate and arrogance.

You're really going wish someone is racially profiled. That's so mean and nasty. Clearly you're just mad and angry because people are calling out other people because they way they are treated by entitled people.

And all you're doing is thinking that is okay. Maybe you need too take your own advice and grow up!

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