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I have never seen a manager so rude and disrespectful of a customer in my life. I tried to buy some dress clothes for my son at the store on rte 30 in Frankfort IL on Sunday May 27th.

I had read a sign wrong and questioned the price of a shirt. First the manager told us that we should learn to read the signs, when I asked her to go look to make sure, she huffed and puffed about it.... After 10 minutes of waiting for her to come back she returned and said "Oh I forgot you were here". She repeated what she said initially. I asked her if she looked at the sign, she looked me in the eyes, rolled her eyes and ignored me.

I then mentioned to my mother about misleading signs and we were told to go elsewhere by the manager... So I said, "fine JCPenneys has nicer people and better prices anyways". The poor clerk that rang us up was very nice and looked mortified that the manager was talking to us this way.

Both my mother and I have shopped at Kohl's for a long time, and now because of this manager neither of us will ever return....

If you cant handle the public then don't go into retail. She should be fired for her behavior.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kohls Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Manager, Customer service, Rude manager.

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To: Anonymous Fuzzy 2019 and Anonymous Warm: Well. if people do or don't have mental problems that has nothing too do with treating people with respect.

And these people don't want others too waist their time because there are people out there who are mean and nasty. Just like the both of you. Let's not pay any attention too Anonymous Fuzzy and Anonymous Warm.

Cleary these people are just looking looking too go get raise out of others. I am am agreeing with the others onto here, its time for both of them too grow up and move along!


To: Anonymous Fuzzy 2019 Wow. You're so rude and arrogant.

You're acting like an big person by using big words. maybe you need too take your advice, and grow up.

Entitled people like you are always going too be ignored and contitune too troll. Nobody's buying you into trolling.


Your complaint sounds shady and very fabricated. Why didn't you go check the sign yourself?

Better yet, the signs are on the racks when you pick up an item for a reason! You sound like one of those needy "I'll get my way" types.

to YouDontNeedToKnow #1553953

To: YouDon't NeedToKnow. Clearly you're being mean nasty too be mean and nasty.

All you're doing is keep commenting with the same comment. "Shady And Fabricated." That proves you're just judging. So how about you shut your mouth and mind your business if you're going too be so negative. Anybody that judges someone for their reviews without know what they with through, are nobody special or important too leaves comments like yours.

Clearly yes, there are customers that do and don't lie.

But how about we take their word for what happened too them because we were not there. There not need too deal judgmental people like you!

to Anonymous Warm 2018 #1556133

First off, this a public forum. So everyone has a right to comment on here.

Don't like it, then leave!

And quit following me around and seek help! I don't have time to get into it with people that are a waste of my time!

to YouDontNeedToKnow #1624783

To: YouDon'tNeedTooKnow. First off you shouldn't be telling others too seek help.

That's rude and arrogant. You don't know if people have mental problems. You don't what it causes that too do too them. Second like you said, this an public form.

Anybody can comment too anybody. Yet, you don't want people too waste your time talking too you. Maybe you need too take your own advice, don't like and leave! Talk about having an double standard, when someone is correcting you for acting like an *** too others.

I agree with you about the customers are not always right and they are acting high and mighty. But when you're telling and bossing someone around like that, then you deserve too be told off, right back at you.

*** you! Let's see someone give you that advice and see where it gets you, you ***

to Anonymous Warm 2018 #1558955

To: Anonymous Warm 2018. Clearly there are plenty of customers that think that are always right.

There are plenty of mean and nasty customers.The customers are not always right. And people could tell when customers are full of it, if they see it or if they read about it. And claiming someone too be nobody special, without knowing anything about them is so harsh. It looks like you're judging too.

how about you take your advice from your judgmental comments too! So much hate and arrogance.

to Anonymious Hot Stuff 2018 #1565633

To: Anonymous Hot Stuff 2018. I am an employee at this company.

I am aware of that feeling. There are customers think they are always right. While i was working at an location. I had an customer who was buying clothes and an wallet.

There was different sales at different times. While i was ringing up their purchase and putting their things into their bags. I am always so helpful too the customers and employees from the start too the end. I said, "Your total is...

something." The customer said, "Okay. I'm sorry I thought it was something else." I double checked what we had onto the sales for the times. It was not that price. It was the price i was seeing onto the register.

I said, "Sir. I'm sorry about this." There is another selection that we have the onto sale table, this isn't it. The customer got the things from that were not onto the sale tables. There was an sign for it, that were onto the sale tables.

The customer turned rude and arrogant, while saying, "No. No. No." While throwing the wallet and the clothes at me, an shirt and an pair of pants with the wallet.The customer said, "So this is what your company does, your company hires .... people." I am not going too say what the customer said.

it was racially profiling. The employees, the managers and the other customers saw what was happening and confronted the customer. The manager said, "Sir.

Now you're able too leave. " The customer said,"What if i am not going too leave?" I said, "If you're not going too get out, i am going too get the cops too throw you out." While i am picking up the phone too the security office into too mall, i said, "You think I am playing with you after what you called me?" The customer: "....people should go back too the zoo." At this point, i am mad and angry, because this time i am or should of been helping out other customers and employee but instead i was dealing with someone who is racially profiling.

to Anonymious Hot Stuff 2018 #1613306

To: Anonymous Hot Stuff 2018 I am agreeing with you and all of the others. I am getting so sick and tired of entitled customers.

They think they can come and go as they please. They cannot. Entitled customers are so horrible and terrible too the sweetest and nicest managers and employees. Where i was working at, this is all so sad and true.

While i was working an shift. I was stocking and facing the freezer selection. An couple came inside. I asked them if they need anything.

They asked me what the prices were for the frozen fruits and juices are. I showed them where we had the sales and the deals. They asked me if I knew what the coupons were onto the store. I told them that the stuff that were onto the sales and the deals were not part of the coupon.

I know this because i am, going through the adds, what coupons they can and cannot use. I was double checking this for them too make sure that i am up too par about the coupons and the sales and deals, onto the deals and the sales of the weeks. I showed them what they can and cannot use onto the sales and deals, so everything runs smoothly for the customers and employees inside of this grocery store. While the couple was going too the checkout line.

This is where the trouble started with this couple. This couple said rude, "....You." They tried too use the coupons, the coupons that we told them that they cannot use onto the stuff that was already onto sale. I had too explain this too this couple again. While i was by the frozen selection, i could see an employee scanning their items, putting their items into their bags and their carts.

This couple started too become mean and nasty. I was called too where they were at. The employee had an issue with the sales and deals. The employee was double checking with them if they were or were not allowed too use it.

The Husband said, rude, "No. No. No. " "You're going too take these coupons!" The Wife said, rude: "They take these coupons before.

They takes these coupons now." This couple had the nerve too give me their middle fingers. They said, "...You." Me, I am like, "Oh really, you thinking you're going too get an different answer?" The husband said rude, "This is what happens when they have...people working for...people." The Wife said, "This is what happens when you have these...people waiting onto these...people." Let's just say these comments were so uncalled for. That was rude and arrogant. I am always cool and collected, but when i am done.

I mean i am done. I walked from one side too the other side of them, and said, "You know what.

I am not going too serve you." The husband and wife: "Excuse Us?" The manager i was working with said while watching and seeing this going on, "You thought were were playing with both of you?" I am so sorry for anybody who works into retail, manager or employee, has too deal with entitled customers thinking that they are always right. No, The Customer Is Not Always Right.


I'm sure you're not exaggerating or fabricating details at all. Lol!

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