I recently purchased an e-gift card thinking it would be an easy way to transfer a gift card down state to my sister. However, after this mess I went through, guess I should have just bought an actual gift card and sent it in the mail.

I thought the e-card would be convenient, but no. I called my sister if she got the e-mail and she said she received none. But lo and behold they weren't afraid to take money out of my bank nice and quick. I called Kohl's up saying what is wrong.

They claim it can take up to 24 hours. Their website says "Instantly". So I told them okay and they sent her a new e-mail about it afterwards. She finally gets the e-mail and goes to the store only to find out that card number does not work.

Wonderful. So she calls them up saying why the e-card number won't work and they say she can't do anything about it and that only the purchaser can. (This is after she was on hold for an hour!) So I then call them up, greeted at least by a nice person, who tried to direct my call to see how it can be fixed. (Again took an hour before any answer) They said that it was blocked.

Why? Who said to block it? I was told a lot of fraud happens with them. Then why is it on your bloody page?

Anyways, she changed the status of the card so that it would finally go through. I get fraud can happen, especially if sent to the wrong person, but I typed in exactly my sister's e-mail so it shouldn't.

Regardless, after that she sent my sister a new e-mail. However, now the store is closed so now I will have to see tomorrow if this has been rectified because this is just ridiculous.

Review about: Kohls Gift Card.

Reason of review: Doesn't work.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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